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HOME HINTS. [ To clean real lace, place it between layers of white tissue paper, well sprinkled with calcined magnesia, and put between the leaves of a book under a heavy weight for three days. Shake off the powder, and the lace will be found quite clean. Before applying blacklead for polishing a greasy grate, make a pad of old cloth and rub soot from the back of the grate, or from the flues on all the greasy parts. The grate will then take the polish, and with much less labour than usual. Chapping of the lips in winter is fre- quently caused by the deposit of moisture on the veil, and if cheap veils are worn the poi- sonous dyes often produce a troublesome eruption of the face. If you can possibly manage it, have the walls of your bedroom papered or distem- pered in a light shade. Dark papers make dismal people, and there are few things more depressing than to wake up each morning in a dark or dingy-looking room. Tarragon vinegar is most useful in every kitchen. Those who grow tarragon in their gardens or who can buy it cheaply, can flavour vinegar with it in this way: Wash and nicely dry a handful of tarragon, pour some boiling vinegar on to it, stand a lew hours, strain and bottle. When using a gas stove have it placed where a ventilator can be put over the stove in the chimney. Never put the saucepans on the stove till the gas is lighted. Keep the top of the stove and the burners thoroughly clean. To bone herring, or similarly-shaped fish, cut off the head and clean it. Split it open from head to tail, lay it on a table inside downwards, and press the back flat, till the fish looks like a kipper. This loosens the bones. Next turn the fish over, and run the thumb under the backbone from head to tail. It will then be found that the backbone and most of the small bones will easily come away together. A simple way to get warm after exposure to cold is to take a long breath with the mouth firmly shut. Repeat this several times, until you begin to feel the heat returning. The long breath quickens the pulse, and thus causes the blood to circulate faster. The blood flows into all parts of the veins and arteries, and gives out a great deal of heat. DON'T DROP YOUR FRIBNDS. Don't drop your friends because you have married "the dearest boy in the world." No two people are "sufficent for themselves," and it is very narrowing and dwarfing to cut oneself off from intercourse with the outside world. Remember that love is rather lIkes. pair of boots. The latter last many times as long if worn alternately with others. And there is a chance that love may last indefi- nitely if it is not worn too threadbare at the beginning. ¡ I DELICATE HANDS. Those who wish to have delicate hands must never hold them over the fire nor expose them in strong wind or rain, while it will be fatal to your chance of beauty to attempt to dry them by the fire if they are at all damp. Fine hands that tan and freckle can be made white and spotless by first fomenting them with a white bran poultice and then washing them in lime water or in the juice of fresh lemons. Another very good way (for those who have the time) to keep the hands white | is to bathe them three times a day in hot I milk and water for several successive days, I' put pomade on them at night, and wear gloves during the day. THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH. The value of health to the individual- say, for example, to the father of a family who is the breadwinner for wife and children —is recognised by all, but it may not be so generally realised that the length of life of all active members of the community consti- tutes a national asset of great pecuniary value, as it directly affects the national earn- ings. Not only does the cost of educating and training a fresh generation of workers repre- sent an immense loss of money, but many years must elapse before the new recruits can take their places in the industrial army. It is, therefore, of the highest importance to the State that all its workers should continue to be efficient as long as possible. If one of them becomes an invalid or dies, the general stock of wealth produced will he less, and the burden of supporting a family may be cast upon the pubic. BLUSHING. Blushing is almost invariably a nervous affection, and it is most important that any- one who suffers in this way should attend to the general health. Plain, simple food, plenty of outdoor exercise, and well-ventilated rooms all help to tone up the nervous system, and so tend towards a cure. But it is neces- sary to exercise one's will power too. Try to remember that most people, will not even notice whether you blush or not, and make up your mind to ignore it yourself as much as possible. A great deal can be done by cultivating strength of will in this direction.



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