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EPITOME OF NEWS. II' There are thousands fewer fever cases in Lon- don this autumn than in preceding years. Lady McLaren has been installed as preside* of the Society of Women Journalists. A witness at Clerkenwell Coiiiity-cotirt de- clared that he had seen taxicabs turn somer- saults. The Mayor of New York and the other officials receive Ci45,700 annually in salaries, Stro d (Kent) Workhouse is so crowded that 20 able bodied men are to be boarded out. The Morayshire, a steamer bound from the Clyde to Manchester, has run on the rocks in the Mersey. The invitation issued to the Royal Agricul- tural Society by Norwich to visit the town in 1911 'has been accepted. The Cornwall County Council 'have sanctioned an expenditure of £15,000 upoa new county offices to be erected at Truro. The sudden death is announced of Dr. Francis Guy A1 xander, of Old Woolwich-road, a well- iknown figure at Greenwich, A man who fell in front of si train at Earl's (Court -station hud a wonderful escape, sustain- ing merely a few wounds on his face. Fred Bland, the lightweight jockey, has severed his connection I with W. E. Elsey's -stable, having accepted an engagement to ride for a well-known gentleman in South Africa, The City Corporation have granted £ 105 to the funds of -he British Antarctic Expedition, ainder the command of Captain Scott. Mr. Thornh.; Glover, of Leigh, amateur champion bowler, and captain of the Lanca- shire bowling team, has died at the age of 25. Southwark Trades and Labour Council claim that five of the Progressive candidates returned for that borough were nominees of the Labour Party. Mr. Harry P. Lane, Deputy Chief Constable of Liverpool, has been appointed Assistant Chief Constable of Lancashire, at a salary com- mencing at £500 per annum. A youth named Arthur Good, of Brook-road, Hook, Surbiton, was on his way to the out- patients' department at King's College Hospital, when he fell down and died. William George Smith, caretaker of the Sydenham-rond Council Schools, Croydon, has been found shot dead in Ms bedroom. The L.C.C. has offered the City Corporation £ 200,000 towards the widening of Fleet-street, the total cost- of which is estimated at E436,238. A Midland railway porter named Richardson was knocked down and killed by all express train while crossing the line at Wellingborough. A marble tablet has been nnveiled in High Wvch Church. Hertfordshire, to the memory of the late Bishop of Colchester and his wife. It has been recommended by the Director of Education at Liverpool that the experiment of practising rifle shooting in schools should be tried. At < meeting of the Argentine Meat Com- pany, Limited, it was stated that there shoind t>e a plentiful supply of good cattle after Christ- mas. The last stone of the brealroatcrs of the new The last stone of the brealroatcrs of the new harbour at Monte Video has been placed in posi- tion in the presence of the authorities. The death has occurred at Teignmouth of Admiral James Richard Veitch, at the age of 82, who was present at the siege of Acre, and served in the Crimea. Mr. F. B. Girdlestone, Bristol docks manager, who has just returned from the Baltic, speaks hopefully of increased trade between Bristol and Baltic ports. Sidney Head was engaged tfl ramming a charge in a stone quarry near Barry, when the charge exploded. He was killed and another man injured. As the result of a collision with a Goole steamer, the ketch Olive Branch has sank in the Humber. The ex-Sultan Abdul Hanrid, alarmed by some eases of smallpox m the neighbourhood of his villa, near Salonika, baa been vaccinated for the first time. At the Slough Cattle Shew on December 7 thirty of the King's bullocks, 300 sheep, and eighty pigs from the Windsor farms will be sold. For a tour through Canada and the United States the United Kingdom section of the Inter- national Interchange of Students propose to offer fourteen scholarships to nuiversity students throughout the British Isles. At the next meeting of the Nottingham City Council a proposal will be brought forward for granting 10 per cent. discount tc those who pay their rates immediately the demand is made. The treasurers of the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Charity have received from Mr. and Mrs. Hichard R. Hollins a further donation of £ 100 for the maintenance of the "Richard Hollins Scholarship attached to the Cancer Research Laboratories. Sir Joseph Ward, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, referring to the fact that business throughout the Dominion was improving, stated that it was estimated that a com of nearly E9,000,000 was coming into New Zealand on account of this A suggestion has been "made to the Board of Trade by the Oldham Distrees Committee that a labour exchange be established, and that pro- vision be made at it for a supply of cheap food and for repairing boots and clothes. A business for the procuring and preparation of the skins of the brown rat » proposed to be ptarted in Calcutta. The trade in fancy articles made from rat-akina amounted to Lwow last year in Great Britain aione. Judge Bacon, who is in his seventy-seventh year, and still preserves a vigour and freshness which many a judge of lesser age must envy, has just celebrated the thirty-first aiMnver*ary of his appointment ae a county-court judge. A man said to be Henry Hammond Ethe- ridge, aged forty, of Woodland-road, Walling- ton, was found lying helpless in the rauden of an emptl house at Maiden-mad, Wellington. Be- side him were two small bottlea and A naaibef of medical tablets. With the utmost delight, Mrs. Sarah Poster, an inmate of the Grantham Workhonse Infir- mary, who has just completed her lOitk year, received the following telegram from Lord Kfiollys: I am commanded bj the King to congratulate yon on the occasion of your 104th birthday." Information has been received at the Foreign Office that the fraud known am the "Spanish pri- sostr" swindle is again being extensively prac- tised. Persons receiving correspondence from -the prison-er should forvtid it to tk British Ebnbassy at Madrid.

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