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I [WHY AM f I J1 if j f* JS Every Picture i bj Tdls a J { i ¡ I I t I ,,=l I ¡ ¡ 'I I 1\ i T, /?(4 Constant Bending at Work, Tiring Strain upon the Back, Worry, Over Fatigue, Colds and Chills, all are Frequent Causes of Kidney Diseases, of Urinary Troubles, Rheumatism and Neuralgia. "Wfw om T ill 9 99 .d,°p by drop, all day long and every day 1 • of your life, the kidneys liiter poisonous waste TT/Axxr n -f-l-kio matters and water from the blood. Drop by JtXOW ILlclIly clSl\ LlllS drop these are passed on into the bladder and so i -| -I thrown out of the body by the urinary organs, question, unci ilOW If your kidneys are weak, or diseased, and A therefore unable to carry out their work, the Often. WltflL & leeling almost OI blood becomes full of poi-ons the whole body'. -J « TU • L • is poifoned. Doau's Pills strengthen and cure despair ill and. £ 12,11111 the kidneys, so making them able to drive 1 —day after day—headache, rheumatic these poisons out of the body. m ,11 1 • • If these poisons sue allowed to accumulate pams, baekael^ neuralgia, urinary troubles, in th s^m tfie are guch terriljle constant tiredness, depression, loss of appetite, diseases'ae Dropsyi Grave]f stone> torturing aU» ,no el[r Urinary Diseases of msyiy kinds. Rheumatism, Bat it is jost -common symptoms as Lumb/ Ne„ra]gia gn*d Sciatica. these w baek-aeh?, constant tiredness and Aino|- r the ea°r{v Bjri)ptorils of kidt3ey stressing rhenoiMxc or neuralgu, headache trouble are Backache, Pains in the Loins, -that should make you suspect that your Headache, Urinary Troubles. Watery Swellings i ne\» aie ou o o. er, „ round the ankies and under the eyes, Constant Something the matter—but what? r>- ■ J4u j •< Is it the kidneys ? When ill the first g g thing to do is to find what is the cause of Yo„ can th^ dangeroas leases, you r* r°l\i. 1 „ i j •» can rid yourself of these painful svinptoms, t0 f w"*6 14 Can only by curing the cause of them-the Kidneys be dealt with propeily and probably perman- ^oa^s Backache Kidney Pills are corn- h-4*4 1 'rmW, T,Bhkh act dr"y r J 1 F.. and powerfully on the kidneys, caring them, °°tlM faepi°8 tbem siro''8 Many people are always ailing because, not ^ny who have suffered agonv from kidney knowing what is the cause of their ailment, disease have been enred W fWm' Pill/ they do not take the right medicine. This is y the case with many kidney sufferers. They PDWs Baeteche Kidney Pin* are 2/9 a box, or 13/9 do not know what the kidneys are and what for 6 boxes. Theyeannot be hought loolle, but onlyin tho they do, and therefore cannot understand that boxes, which may be had of all chemists and stores, or, when they are out 9f .order the whole body must *LSST suffer, DO AN'S. tN Backache BeBaNB [DMurs-n M Pillso A ,t;j::T\<} ,P: ;:>}, <'T: ,'>: ><> .{: i i,■- < THE LIGHTNING BINDER For all classes and sizes of Papers, Music Lecture Notes, Sermons, Statements, Letters. Magazines, Periodicals, &c- Perfectly tight but immediately released. R l fill-sitlsl, I I ijjlL fel "It #" .tu. 041i'll U,I.IJ.,U I'U. 'U'UUI' ,#pr Mf\ '"tUIIUUIIIII Iff,ft" ",UH. 1 Krl •TTJSITMJHAIKRIUMIIMMM/JMWWTML H || ja/! I I JeA.' ACTibV SPftmo A Wonderful Office TIDY. Bound in Full Cloth Stron.g Steei Sprirrig Backs .ItbJh:"A#j{8.åI'I.feI'tf' t', '¡ t. .f fa. 'lib & Sottf, Herald, Office Bho*

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