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I EPITOME OF NEWS. Lord Leith of Fyvie has left Wilton-crescent foi Scotland. Viscount Massereene and Ferrard has left 55, Eaton-place, for Ireland. Dr. Deeping, father of Warwick Deeping, the author of "Uther and Igraine" and other works, has died at his Hastings residence. Five houses at Zaandam have ber destroyed by fire. A mother and three children perished in the flames. An old woman of eighty was knocked down ai d (i by a motor-car at Grivegnee, a suburb of Liege. Bur!~cF, tlif man who exposed the identity of M. II of the Russian secret Dolice, is in l- Vfi d ass have decided to charge re'\ me halfpenny for admittance to tLé c imming baths. h to be a serious shor'age in the li:>p vear owing to unfavourable a it. id La^v Selfc h<>re been stay- ing <v iin- in the Bernese Oberland. i/i. • :?*. vacation nearly every C" 'f.. iil:-sden district has been 'in' .■ ae fruit'stolen. vr.t 3 dratli is announced of ■ ■■e, for 25 veais Hector of r ■■ ■ The death is announced, at the age of eighty- nine, of Elizabeth Matilda, widow of Baron Friedrich Pcrgler von Perglas, and sister of Sir Alfred Dryden. t, A Luton farmer has left his housekeeper the income for life of about X-0,000 in recogni- tion of her long and faithful service in his family. The directors of the Equitable Life Assurance Society have appointed Mr. Steuart Edye Mac- np^hten, F.I.A., A.C.A., as joint assistant actuary of the society. Thieves visited the pavilion of the Hayesford (Kent) Football Club and decamped with all the goalposts, nets, towels, basins, and clothes. Mr. EvelyifG. M. Carmichael, barrister, has been selected as prospective Conservative candi- date for North Monmouthshire to oppose Mr. McKenna. Sir Hugh Graham, of Montreal, and Lady Graham been making a motor tour through Central France, and visiting the chateaux of the Lftire district. Lord and Lady Reay are staying at Carol- side, their place in Berwickshire, where they will pass most of the autumn, though Lord Reay will next month pay a visit to the Conti- nent. Parliamentary duties will keep Lord Castle- reagh in London during the autumn, and he will not be at Kinloch. The forest has been let to Mr. Christy. One person was severely and four others j slightly injured through an iron tower 280ft. high falling on a passing train on the circular railway which serves some of the Berlin suburbs. Lime from a bucket was thrown over an evic- tion party on the Tonlagee lands, Roscommon, and the police and bailiffs were badly burned. Owing to the number of trustees of the National Gallery being increased from eight to ) ten, the Treasury has appointed Lord Riobles- dale and Sir Edgar Vincent as the new trustees. Whilst playing tennis at Llandilo Arthur Morgan, a bank clerk, son of Mr. Samuel Morgan, J.P., fell forward and expired from heart failure. Deceased was only married last November. A Spanish steamer, the name of which is un- known, is ashore on Armen, lIe de Sein, and will probably be a tot a1 wreck. Two of the crew have been drowned and their bodies picked up by the lie de Sein \jfeboat. Nothing is known of the remainder of the crew. The gold cup offered by Captain Windham, known of the remainder of the crew. The gold cup offered by Captain Windham, president of tHe Aeroplane Ciub, for the first cross-Channel flight, will be presented to M. Bleriot on September 15 at a banquet to be given by the club in his honour. Chief Rabbi of the German Jewish congrega- tions in Jerusalem, Rabbi Samuel Salant, has died at the age of 93. He had been blind for many years. The King has approved the following promo- tions Mr. H. D. Beaumont and Mr. H. Dering to be Councilors in his Majesty's Diplomatic Service, and the Hon. Theo Russell to be Coun- cilor of his Majesty's Embassy at Vienna. The fifteen deputies representing Teheran in the new National Assembly have been elected. The only member of the present Cabinet who was returned was Saad-ed-Dowleh, Minister for Foreign Affairs. The late Mr. Cornelius C. Cuyler, the well- known American banker, has left E20,000 for the immediate benefit of Prince town University, and his will provides that on the death of his widow several million dollars will go to the University. The only classes of emigrants wanted in Canada at the present time are experienced farm labourers, farmers financially able to take homesteads or purchase lands, and female domestic servants. The Prime Minister and Mrs. Asquith are expected to go to Scotland on the rising of Parliament, to pay visits and to spend a short golfiing holiday at St. Andrews. Thomas Calvert, a herdsman, engaged by Colonel Jerome, of Bilton Hall, near York, died in the Leeds General Infirmary from terrible injuries caused by a bull. The Landgrave of Hesse, Prince and Princess Max of Thurn and Taxis, and others have been staying at Trichrichshof, near Homburg, with Prince and Princess Frederick Charles of Hesse. The tent for lost children provided on the beach at Yarmouth by the corporation has proved most useful. During the season more than a hundred children have been cared for and restored to their parents. Following a lecture at Ilford by a Salvation Army officer on incidents of the South African war, a collection was taken in an old kettle used by General Piet Cronje during the siege of Kimberley. It is understood that the Prime Ministers of Australia have reached an agreement satis- factorily settling the financial relations between the Commonwealth Government and the States. The Rev. Prebendary Russell Wakefield, Rector of St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, has been offered the deanery of Norwich, in succes- sion to the late Dean Lefroy. Refitted at a cost of about E70,000, the battle- ship Venerable, selected to relieve the Irre- ,aistible in the First Division of the Home Fleet, kis been reported ready for her official trials.


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