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Rhos Watering Cart.

Ruabon Old.-Age Pensions.

Rhos man's good fortune.

North Wales Miners.I

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North Wales Miners. I FULL TERMS OF SETTLEMENT. The full terms of the settlement of the disputes in the North Wales coalfield are as follows :— I, Snap time. A quarter of an hour to be allowed and machinery stopped, ex- cept on Saturdays. 2. Saturdays. Seven and a half hours to be worked, and no stoppages of mach- inery for meals, but facilities will be given for snap for a quarter of an hour. 3. Sunday labour shall commence at 11 p m. and end at 6 a.m., including both windings. 4. Surfacemen. The surfacemen man- ipulating the coal shall as a class not be asked to do other work than they did be- fore the Act came into operation. When, however, any section within a class finish- es its work it shall assist other sections to finish their work, but the time of employ- ment shall not be continued more than 30 minutes after the winding of coal ceases. This shall apply to every shift worked. 5. Six winding days per weekl to be worked. 9. The above arrangements to apply to all collieries in North Wales (except Hafod where the existing arrangement shall be continued), and the new arrangement shall come into operation on Thursday, August 12.


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