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Rhos Watering Cart.


Rhos Watering Cart. RHOS PARISH COUNCIL AND THE COUNTY COUNCIL. At the quarterly meeting of the Den- bighshire County Council, held at Col- I wyn Bay, on Friday, a letter was read dated May nth, from the Clerk of the Rhos Parish Council, asking that a water- cart may be used in Johnstown for road maintenance purposes, as in Ruabon and Coedpof-th, and a similar request in re- gard to Acrefair was also submitted. It was resolved that the water-cart be used occasionally in Johnstown and Acre- fair as well as the other places in which it is now used for watering. Councillor Gomer Roberts thought they must either water all the roads or none. The Rhos Parish Council had no business to interfere with the County Council, and he hoped they would decide with reference to the watering question once and for all. They ought not to wa- ter one district and refuse others, and he moved that the matter be suspended un- til a special committee which had been appointed to consider the question, made their report. It was pointed out that the committee had never been called. Ald. Samuel remarked that the Presid- ent of the Local Government Board had sent out a circular impressing on local authorities the importance of watering the streets frequently. Councillor Cromar said the committee was not now in existence. The dust nuisance had become such an awful scourge in the country, that something had to be done. It was all very well for gentlemen who were fortunate in not having to live along the main road to complain of the expense of watering. If anyone looked at the condition of their roads they would realise the fact that where a little money was spent in water- ing, the roads were in a much better con- dition. Besides, were they not paying for the watering of the roads in Urban districts ? They paid a considerable sum everv year for road maintenance in Ur- ban districts, which included the water- ing. Councillor Wilcoxon moved that the matter be referred to the Main Roads Committee. Conncillor Cromar seconded. Councillor Gomer Roberts moved an amendment that the matter be referred to a special Committee to be appointed,:but the resolution was carried by a large ¡ majority.

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