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Rhos Watering Cart.

Ruabon Old.-Age Pensions.

Rhos man's good fortune.

North Wales Miners.I


---Theodore Martin s Illness.

Presentation of Colours.



RHOS. SPLENDID BUTTER direct from the farm at JOHN WiLLiAMS's, Bank Stores, High Street. Try a lb. You will be pleased. A DANGEROUS PRACTICE.—As a boy, ¡ living in School street, was swinging on the branch of a tree in Stryt-y-plas, on Tuesday, he fell and fractured his left forearm. Dr D J Williams attended to his injuries. SINGULAR ACCIDV-NT.-On Tuesday a rather singular accident happened in Princes road. A motor had driven up, and the driver on swinging the door of the car open, caught a bystander a violent blow in the temple. The man dropped to the ground, and for a time wis stunned. The charitable women of Princes-road, witnessing the mishap, hurried to the un- fortunate man's aid, and soon brought him 2!1 round. His POOR NOSE.—-A Rhos boy was a little time ago jistening to a brass band playing in a circle in the open air. He felt attracted by the trombone player, and Stood near him looking'up admiringly into 4iis face. But alas his admiraiion was shorc-lived. The trombone player, uncon- scious of the presence of his mute admirer shot out his arm to its full extent, and caught the little boy a violent blow on the nose! Needless to s iy, the little sufferer has transferred his hero-worship to a less dangerous memberjof tne band. RETURN OF THE" G's "The Rhos I G Company of the iTerritorial Force, returned home on Saturday from Aber- gavenny. The men looked fit and sun- burnt, and expressed great satisfaction with their fortnight under canvas. BRICKWORKERS UNIO- -.k meeting was held on Wednesday evening on the Cross, Rhos, by the above Union. The main object was to show the :brick wor lc.ers and general labourers of the district the advantages to be derived through being connected with the Federation. Council- lor Thomas Hughes, Copperas, President of the North Wales Miners' Association, presided, and speeches were made by Mr Fleming Eccles (assistant secretary of the Union), and Mr J T Watkins. We under- stand that a large majority ol the workers are desirous of joining the Union. SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT.—St John's and St David's Churches held theirfannual treat on Wednesday last. A children's service was held in the Church, and the Vicar the Rev J H Thomas, gav capital address to the scholars. Mr J Davies. Plas-yn- Rhos, presided at the organ. From the Church, they paraded to the National School, where tea was provided. Games were afterwards played in a field adjoining the Vicarage. The Rhos Silver Band was also in attendance. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES—The Sunday School Anniversary services were held at Hill street Chapel, on Sunday last. All the meetings held were crowded, and the use of the side-room hqcJ to be requisition- ed in the evening. The meetings were conducted by the pistjr, the Rev R Williams. In the morning, the opening lessons were read by Mr Evan Evans. Songs, recitations, and dialogues by the prettily-robed children made up a bright and enjoyable meeting. The afternoon lesson was read by Mr J Parry Jones, and another varied programme was gone through. The evening lesson was read by Mr David Morgan Evans. Preparatory to the performance of the cantata Christ at Nain by the Chapel choir under the conductorship of Mr S A Duce, the Rev R Williams gave a short interesting ad- dress on the funeral customs of the Jews. The performance of the cantata was much appreciated, the solo parts, of which were sustained by Mrs W E Jones, and Miss J E Mills. The organist and accompanist was Miss A B Jones, and the precentor Mr Joseph Charles. Certificates were given to the following for passing success- fully the Scripture Examination of the Lancashire presbytery Above 21. Mrs A E Pritchard and Mr Eben Pritchard, first class certificate. Under 21. Millicent Mills, Prize and first class certificate. G Smith, first class certificate. Under 16. Chales Owen Davies, Prize and ffirst class certificate Sybil Edwards, Percival Sauvage, Alun Pritchard, first class certi- ficates Certificates also to Rosannah Hughes, Sarah JJane Jones, Evelyn Roberts, Sarah Jane Dodd, Robert Edge Edwards, Annie Hough, Wilfrid George Edwaids.



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Youthful Poetic Genius.

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