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EPITOME OF NEWS. 0- "He said that I had a heart like a brick," said a police-sergeant, in giving evidence at Kingston. The improved Dreadnought, Neptune, built at Portsmouth, has arrived at Devonport. A live Teddy-bear is kept as a pet in a Thames Ditton bungalow, and accompanies its owner on the river. Mr. T. Seanlan, a Glasgow solicitor, has been returned unopposed as Nationalist M.P. for North Sligo. Joseph Walton, aged 17, of Westferry-road, Hillwall, was found dead in one of the Green- wich public baths. The Dean and Chapter of Worcester have appointed the Rev. Horace Monroe, rector of Wit ley, to succeed Mr. Furneaux as vicar of Mcrtlake. Lady Wilson, widow of the late Sir Mathew Wilson, Bart., of Eshton Hall, Yorkshire, died at Frome Whiteficld House, Dorchester, fin her ninety-eighth year. Fire has seriously damaged Messrs. Matthews and Co.'s r ur-j manufactory, Scrutton-si root, Finsbury, the workpeople having to rush into the street. On the moorlands of Devon women and children have been busy gathering in the whortleberry harvest. The berries arc unusually large and luscious this year. I Five hundred summonses for non-payment of rates wore applied for and obtained at Acton Police-court by the district council. As a result of a bicye'e accident. Dr. Arthur Foxwoll, professor of therapaut-ics in Birming- ham university, has died in Learning ton, fifty-six. At Bristol, Harriet Clark, aged 72, was fiwd two guineas for making a .false statement in order to obtain an old-age pension. Count Leo Tolsty is at present engaged on a report on the evils of compulsory .•iiiitr.ry service. He intends to read the i^mself at the next Peace Conference at The If; g. "Where did he kick V()u?" asked a solicitor in cross-examining a police officer at Jiuiigswn. "In the square," was the reply. Sir Edward Grey stated in the House ,of Com- mons that he h:.d no information to :chow that Russian officers in the Persian army were being replaced by German officers. The body of a showman named A-ndcrton, aged about 70 years, was found in the River Sid at Sidmouth, chise to where an encampment had been made the previous night. According to a telegram from Tokyo 'the Japanese Government has ordered a grand piece of brocade, the weaving of which is to be done at Kioto, to decorate one of the halls in the Palace of Peace at The Hague. The demolition of Holy Trinity Churchy Kingsway, the walls of which have cracked since the construction of the underground tramway, has been sanctioned by Dr. Tristram at the St. Paul's Consistory Court, Returning from a beanfeast, William Webb, an East-end carman, stoppefl to joke with the driver of a van, and in attempting to get into it from the rear, fell under the wheels of a vehicle behind and received fatal injuries. Motorists summoned at Kingston loir driving at speeds varying from 34 to 40 milee an hour, were fined £ 4 and 95 and costs. Failure to have identification plates illumimateci eqat A2 and costs. In the sections devoted to horses at Dublin Horse Show there are 1,245 entries, as against 1,211 last year; and in the sheep classes there are 358 pens-an increase of 148. Much perturbation was caused at Brest, France, by a sharp shock of earthquake, which lasted three seconds. Earthquarkes have occurred in Portugal and Calabria. Aged about.56, a respectably dressed man of fair complexion, with hair and moustache turning grey, was found drowned in the Thames off Queen's Promenade, Kuigsfccm, tnc At the half-yearly meet* of the shareholders of the Manchester Ship Canal, the chairman said there were signs of improvement in some quarters, but not all round. Dr. E. C. Seaton, the county medical officer of health for Surrey, declares m his. annual report that there should be better watering in the summer time of the byways of the poorer parts of the districts suburban to London. In this way, he said, infant mortality might be reduced. Four thousand Warwickshire motorists have petitioned the Warwickshire County Council in favour of the compulsory carrying of lighted lanterns or lamps, which should be visible in both directions, by the persons in charge of cattle or horses which are travelling along the roads at night. At Bristol, George Milne Lundie, 34, was fined £20 and costs for embezzling the moneys of the Rudge Whitworth Cycle Coynpany, Coventry. It was stated that the defendant had managed the company's depot at Clifton, 1 and irregularities were discovered. The committee which was appointed by tits Sydney Chamber of Commerce to inquice into the detrioration of frozen meat, recommends that a full inquiry be made into tfte cause of the damage sustained by, meat, at the ports, of discharge. When George Bonner, » gardener at Witley, Surrey, was cycling past cross-roads at Horsley, a motor-ear darted out across his path, and, catching the car full in the side, Bonuer was thrown over the handlebars into the car, the owner of whith stopped the car to allow him to alight, gave him 7s- and drove off. It was announced a few days ago that a Lon- don clergyman had held his vicariate for 40 years. This record is beaten by that of the Rev. W. X. Springett, vicar of Dunkirk, Kent, who has ministered in the parish for 55l years, having been appointed to the living in January, 1854. Mr. Joe Elvin proponoded a scheme for the erection of a home for the reception of variety performers who had fallen on evil times when he presided at a meeting of variety artists held at the Camberwell Empire. He offered to give a site of twenty to twenty-five acres for the pur- pose. An extraordinary sitnaiioa has arisen at Gorey. Wexford, where there has been no meet- ing of the Town Commissioners since March. It is stated that the large representation secured by the Labour party has been resented by the remainder of the Board, who nave declined to attend meetings, and in whose a there is no quorum.. At Lutterworth, Cecil flail, a ii" Reint- nington-road, London, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for att*mpkiug to obtain. money by falae pretence Hall teierraphed to thajgoatmastsr at Bitteswull ia t&ejhUM of Mr. E. W. Gillespie Staiaton, a instiee of tlMtjMMt, for MS, as he had suddenly na sks«t.||^ £ 5« f»rswriy im Mr. Btoiwt— •> *f«









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