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PALB Facks..


PALB Facks. A lasting remedy for a pale face ia to build np the general health as much as possible by proper wholesome diet and judicious exer- cise. Some complexions are naturally pallid, even when there is no reason to complain of ill-health; Nothing can be done in these cases. But if the pallor proceeds, as it fre- quently does, from anaemia, a remedy can often be found in an iron tonic and change of air. ExMtCMZ A NBCZSStTY. Exercises are absolutel-y necessary for a healthy life; cleanliness keeps the pores of the skin open, and in a healthy condition. Without exercise, no one can possibly keep in good health. Mothers should know that walking is good for everyone, but thpse who can ride, swim, skip, play lawn tennis, or rowing, should daily practise one or more of these exercipos. YotJ* Husband's Pbopm. Be courteous iand considerate to your hus- band s people. Don't say disparaging thing# | ,*J)put his people to your husband. Tell him of the, pleasant things they do and not of the unpleasant ones. Do not try to keep him from them. Encourage his devotion to thoae of his own kin, and be quite assured that it will not become greater than it is for you. Be helpful to them if possible, be hospitable, but do not overflow with, confidencea thai you had better keep, to yourself. -I Quick and CAITIFUL. It is a mistake to think that «are-taking { means that one must be slow, and take infi- Bite pains in the performing of small duties. On the contrary, it should be your effort to make despatch the rule; quick, but careful, should be the motto; no hours spent where minutes might answer; no carelessness in thek first doing, necessitating the second. Habit is second nature, and it is just as easy to teach your little ones the importance of time in their early days, as to allow loitering, dawdling, picking out and putting it over and over again. Such habits, once established, there is no forgetting. j Vakibtt on tkb Tablb. I In ordering the family meals the houa*- keeper m in danger of getting into a rut. To study the taste* of the entire household is, of wwiwj a duty, although it is unwise to do ;j this so obviously that either younger or older memben make disagreeable comments o* tag j food set before them. Every matroa knows that catering for a family is not aa easy task, j Nobody who studies economy can do without the reappearance of left-ojers several times on the table: Growing boys with good appe- tites are the greatest help in the matter of gomg, up. what is set before them. Oatmeal I porridge is excellent for breakfast, but why serve it every morning? There are other breakfast foods that form An agrees bis interlude. Study variety

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