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Iinhabitants of Rhos. RHOS.





--Ruabon County School.



Rhos Territorials in Camp.

---_.._----__--Tragic Death…


Tragic Death of a Rhos Curate in Canada. The following cablegram appeared in some newspapers on Tuesday, sent front Montreal the previous day :-Lumbet' men passing through the forest in Ne\1( Brunswick on Saturday came upon .3 body with considerable camping quip.,t ment scattered around. On investigation they found marks on the clothing and" < some of the outfit, which they submitted I to the authorities in St. John. The police there set to work on these clues, and, they have now identified the body as that of the Rev Sydney Morris, of Wrexhanv Denbighshire. He came to Canada t«.1' recuperate his health after a breakdown from overwork, and took to the woods iO search of quietude. Not being an C% pel ienced woodsman he lost his trail, an' must have sank exhausted in his endea" vours to find a way out. The authorities" have conducted a diligent search for the past three months, but failed to nnd any" trace of the missing man till Saturday." There is an element of mysteryin the case, as news of Mr Morris's suppfose^ death reached Wrexham nearly twO" months ago. It appeared in a newspa published in a remote village in Canada, two thousand miles from the spot where' the body is s'nid to have been found. Pø: copy of that newspaper was sent to th*" friends of deceased in Wrexham, sinc# which time various enquiries as to the, fate of the young man have been made/ without avail. It may be noted that tbe cablegram states that the body was dis/ covered only on Saturday last, but i' may be that the correspondent was led in his information. The deceased gentleman, who wa.. well under thirty years of age, was the only son of Mr E S Morris, M A., Hif: Majesty's Inspector of Schools. IH e obtained his first curacy in South WaleSl and afterwards was appointed curate as, Rhos. One Sunday last year he was to havo" preached at Rhos Church, but to tbe" consternation of the wardens, when the service was due to begin, they themselves without anyone to conduct it/' For nearly a week nothing was heard oi the missing curate, who was eventually, found at New Brighton. Thenceforward his health forsook him, and he did not; resume his duties with which a freak oi the brain had so abruptly interfered After remaining at home for some monthS; Mr Morris, hoping that fresh scenes and-" occupation would thoroughly restore hial" in both mind and body, went to Canada( with the result as above stated.

----...,.-Accident at Plas…