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Iinhabitants of Rhos. RHOS.





--Ruabon County School.



Rhos Territorials in Camp.


Rhos Territorials in Camp. The Rhos Territorials continue to m. all-" ceuvre and train at Abergavenny. The" weather last week was wet, and the work made a bit heavy in consequence. This: week, however, the, climatic conditions are much more favourable, and the men enjoy the marching and manoeuvring. On Saturday last the battalion went 013r a route march through Abergavenny 011 to the Pontypool road, where each com- pany were lectured by the officers. The Colonel also spoke, and highly praised1 the Rhos company for their recruits. Ii was the finest company in the battalion. On Sunday it poured all the morning"/ and the church parade had to be postponed from the morning until the afternoon. Bank Holiday was a splendid day. At 8 a. m. the battalion were on the march towards the mountains. It was a field day, and General Lloyd was the inspecting officer. The 4th-battalion, under Colonel Wynne Edwards, scaled the ridge of tbe: Sugar Loaf Mountain, which is the high-, est altitude in the range. The 4th acted as a defending force, tC," prevent the advance guard of the 5th, 6thf and 7th battalions from placing guns off the range. The inspecting officers anJ umpires expressed great satisfaction at the way in which the troops were handled, Tuesday was Battalion Inspection Day, and all the companies pissed the scrutinf weill. The battalion afterwards marched to the race course, where the men were: drilled by General Lloyd. ( On Wednesday the mountains were again scaled, and outpost duty was pretC" tised. The Rhos company being held as' a reserve force, were ordered to lie dowo for a time, and very soon a score of snores, some sounding like fog-horns/ could be heard. The G's" played the final for the footo ball cup with Gwersyllt. A hard gam& took place, but Rhos were beaten by fout goals to three. We are just starting to change otilr colour, and if the fine weather Continued until Saturday we shall all be brown aØ" berries. A "G" PRIVATE.

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