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Iinhabitants of Rhos. RHOS.





--Ruabon County School.




RHOS TOWN TALK. It is said- That Mr Richard Evans, baritone vocal- ist, Bolton, has been awarded the "Cur- tis" Gold Medal, at the Royal Manches- ter College of Music. This is the highest honour the college can bestow upon any student. That Mr Evans is a native of Rhos, and notwithstanding his long absence from his native town, he continues to take a keen interest in everything that takes place here. II That rumours are afloat respecting the formation of a choir to compete at the National Eisteddfod at Colwyn Bay next year. That an excellent choir could be formed in Rhos for this purpose, if only a start would be made. That it is a pity the Rhos section choir, which did such splendid work last year, could not be reformed. It would make, under efficient leadership, a splendid com- petitive choir. R That the choir need not exist for com- petitive purposes only. Rather that it should be a choral society with fixed aims and purposes of a more solid and staple character. That in fact it should be a musical edu- cative force in the place. Surely one good choir would be more desirable than half a dozen mediocre ones ? A new departure in the musical line is expected to take place during the coming winter. It is to take the form of an amateur operatic society. The society will draft into it all the musical and dramatic talent in Rhos, and produce a light opera after the type of "The Mikado." Who knows what hith- erto obscure Caruso the society might unearth! That the Celtic Society have not yet arranged their winter programme. The organising secretary however is busy re- volving several schemes for the coming season. That it is not expected that their efforts will be of a dramatic nature this time. That the Rhos Liberal Association at a meeting held on Friday, expressed their regret that nothing had yet been done to perpetuate the memory of Sir G. O. Mor- gan. That the movement set on foot some years ago was owing to the Revival, dropped for a time. Unfortunately, from that time to this, no effort has been made to revive it. That it is to be hoped the Rhos Liberal Association will act independently of the other Liberal Associations of the division, and set once more on foot the Memorial movement. That because the Wrexham, Cefn, and Coedpoeth Associations stir not in the matter, it need not deter us from taking the matter in our own hands, and making it a purely Rhos affair. They have slept for five years and will probably, like the mighty dead, sleep on till the crack of doom. That allotments can now be obtained at Cae Enion, the County Council having purchased a part of the Llanerchrugog estate for Small Holdings and Allotments. That on Tuesday and Wednesday, scores of people were to be seen picking berries on the mountain. That notwithstanding the sign-posts warning trespassers off the moors, and the presence of a mounted keepej* Rhos people continue to enjoy the ancient priv- ilege of wandering upon it at will. That very many years ago, when times were very very bad in Rhos, many of the women of Rhos had to resort to the mountain to replenish their depleted larders. They used to start there at four o'clock in the morning, and pick berries until nightfall. That a motor-car garage is now in course of construction on the mountain, for the purpose of putting up the motor- cars that now come carrying the sports- men who shoot on the moors. That Rhos Band were to have headed a club atStryt Issa on Saturday, but owing to the failure of the cornetists to turn up in time, they could not fulfil their engagement. That people are begining to speculate as to whether the Watering Cart will come this year or next, or at all. Some ratepayers believe that the majority of two at the parish meeting was not emphat- ic enough to warrant the Council to pur- chase a watering cart.

Rhos Territorials in Camp.

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