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¡ EPITOME OF NEWS. í The death is reported at Windsor of Alder- man John Hollis, twice mayor of the borough. Earl Wolverhampton at Hull laid the founda- tion-stone of a new mission hall. The Duke of Northumberland has unveiled a memorial in St. Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle, to the late Bishop Lloyd. I When a barber had finished shaving a young man at Cumnock, Ayrshire, he found that his customer had expired. Regulations have been issued for the special training of teachers in schools for blind, deaf, and defective children." I Grave symptoms of cholera have been de- y I tected in a woman arrived from Russia in Berlin. j Judge Bacon to a talkative witness: "Be quiet, woman! You are not talking to your husband!" A suitor at the Southwark County-court ad- dressed Judge Willis first as "Your Majesty and then as "Your Lord." ) Dr. H. Armitage James, headmaster OR Rugby School since 1805, has been elected to the mastership of St. John's College, Oxford. After the conclusion of a funeral service at II Eugles, in France, it was found that the coffin was empty. The Alien Immigration Board have rejected a family from Warsaw whose effects included a drum with large cymbals. At the Westminster Coroner s Court a man could not give the name of ids four-months-old I aon until his wife prompted him. Kingston County Bench fitJed James Airdree, i chauffeur to the Duke of Sutherland, £3 and I costs for exceeding the motor-car speed limit -at i Thames Dittoa. A message from the Kaiser, wishHg'the bless- ing of God upon their deliberations, wae read at the world's conference, cf the ieuiig Men's Christian Association, .-at Barmen. A five months old baby boy, v. i'-Mng 17Jib., concerning whose death an inquiry was held at j Westminster, was stated by r. •<. -V- 1 witness to be the largest child of its age he had seen. Before a field of strawberries at TJbbeston, i Suffolk, was ploughed np, the owner invited two hundred school children to a. feast. I ProfessoT Robinson., professor of anatomy at Birmingham University, has appointed to the chair of anatomy in Edinburgh University. II While Thomas Walker, an "emergency man," was returning from Cootehill fair he was fired at from behind a hedge and shot in the face and chest. I "I shall spend my Bank-holiday in bed," a man told Judge Willis at the Southwark County-court. "Don't talk about bed," the I judge replied. -Get up and enjoy life." Mr. Latham is to receive the freedom of the Worshipful Company of Cloth workers, of which his great-grandfather was Master ia 1810. A Carlisle theatre announces for the benefit of patrons living at a distance that aeroplanes will be stored free of charge, says the "Auto- motor." Charles Harper, professionally known as Capricornus, was bound over at Bristol on charges of practising palmistry and telling for- I tunes. At Coatbridge Arthur Delves, ex-manager of the Coatbridge and Airdrie Tramways, was sent I. to prison for three mon £ hs for the embeaaslement of £ 200. Colonel John Henry Lowndes, who served at Alma, Inkerman, rRIaclava, and Sebastopol, has just died at Braunston, near Rugby. Messrs. Yarrow and Co., of Glasgow, have just launched the seventh of ten torpedo-boat destroyers for the Brazilian Government. Three brothers, named Ridlington, were at Grimsby sent for trial on a charge of murdering Alfred Day, aged 24, a native of Manchester. At the Edinburgh Dean of Guild Court a warrant was granted for the, construction of a chapel for the Knights of the Thistle, to be attached to St. Giles' Cathedral. Samuel Atherley, who went through the Boer War in the Warwickshire Regiment, was re- manded at Nottingham for the alleged murder of Matilda Lambert. At Welbeck Abbey the Duke and Duchess of Portland entertained 2,500 members and lady friends of the Notts Provincial Grand Lodge of Freemasons at a garden party. By order of the War Office the rifle range at Aslington, Northumberland, is to be closed. It is said that the shooting startles the horses and cows grazing in the vicinity. The summonses against Mr. Imre Kiralfy and Exhibitions, Limited, for erecting and retaining the new mountain railway at the White City, without the approval of the London County Council, have been withdrawn. j The King of Saxony and his two elder Bona have arrived at Leipzig in order to attend the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the foun- dation of Leipzig University. I A young man named Byrne, who was one of I the leaders of the recent Cork strike, and was f to appear at the assizes on a charge of rioting, < has been found.with his throat cut. The Baltimore court has decided that Senator Stone was justified in slapping the face of a railway carriage waiter who was insolent, and dismissed a charge of assault brought against him. When the gas was turned on at the new Pavilion Theatre at Market Drayton it could not be tit. It was then discovered that the work- men had connected the gas pipes with the street water mains. Mr. William Seddon, of Las Palmes, has had conferred upon him by the King of Spain the Cross of the Order of Naval Merit, in recogni- tion of his services in the development of Las Palmas as a shipping and commercial centre. During a Flintshire Education Committee meeting at. Mold a member protested at Shakes- peare and Economics being taught in evening schools at the expense of the rates, and he was assured that such classes would have to be self- supporting. Referring to the growth of music-hall artiste' salaries at the annual meeting of the New Tivoli, Limited, Mr. Henry Tozer said that salaries were now on the downward grade, and would soon, he believed, reach a reason- able level. The following Army Order amendment has been issued by the War Office: Infantry of the Line.—1J inches will be added to the "chest measurement, when fully expanded," of recruits under twenty years of age. Test A of Appen- dix II. will be amended accordingly. The Scotch House Letting and Rating Bill tlxird,readijts -beforo-, the Grand Committee of the House of Comnaons. ¡ T&jfc main provisions of the Bill are sherter periods of letting and the collection ofratea by landlord instead of by tike assepBing autho-






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