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CAPEL M.C, GROES, PENYCAE. Cynheiir v seithfed Cyfarfod + Cystadleuol Yn y He uchod, DYDD CALAN, ION. 1, 1910 Beirniad Cerddorol, MR W. M. ROBERTS, Wrexham. Manylion i ddilyn. Preliminary Announcement. RHOS MALE VOICE CHOIR GRAND EVENING » CONCERT Will. be held on Wednesday, November 3, '09. Preliminay Announcement. -0- PENUEL CHAPEL, RHOS -0- A GRAND CONCERT I BY THE Bethlehem Children's Choir MONDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1909 -0- Proceeds in aid of Noddfa Baptist Chapel, Johnstown. NOTE CHANGE OF DATE. -0- Wednesday, February 16th, 1910 Grand performance of HANDEL S 'SAMSON' By the Bethlehem United Choral Society Assisted by MADAME LAURA EVANS, (Soprano) MISS HANNAH MORGAN, (Contralto) MR GWILYM RICHARDS, (Tenor) MR ARTHUR WEBER (Bass) A Day in this wor-td 8 ParaeMse. LLANGOLLEN AND DISTRICT AGRICULRURAI-, DOG,& POULTRY SHOW. Presidents: Misses THOMAS, LUutysilio HULL. Vice Presidents W. Wysm, Mmtfordd, Gt .-udyfr- dwy, and FRANK LITTLE, Esqra., Castle Scraet. THE FIFTH ANNUAL SHOW ,> Of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Poultry, Pigeons, Leaping Turn-Outs, &c Will be held on the HAND HOTEL FIELDS, LLANGOLLEN, ON FRIDAY, ATJCKXST 13, 1909. "A a 0 0 in Prizoo. Dog, Poultry and Pigeon Section, SlOG in Prizes, and over 50 Spaeials, including Challenge Cupa (value 10 guineas each), Silver and Bronze Medals. ENTRIES positively close—Agricultural, Satur- day, July 31st. Doga and Poultry, Friday, Aug. 6. APPLY AT ONCE for Schedules (stating which Section). Entry Forms and all partieaHra from T. J. EDWARDS and GEO. W. JACKSON, Sec- retaries, 57, Berwyn Street, Llangollen. I B A L L Y S AUCTION ROOM <. 9 Chester W»exham, |Opposite Messrs H & T Jones* Corns f ( Warehouse) SALES BY AUCTION Every MONDAY. Valuable Household Furniture of all descriptions. Large Variety of .Bedsteads, Bdddiag. Every necessity tor HOUSEKEEPING Attend these SALES and save at least 30 per cent. A Magnificent Selection of Superior Furniture is always on hand, and anything may be purchased by Private Treaty. GOODS STORS D. Cinview each day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.ufc Saturdays 9 p.m. I WANTED A GOOD STRONG GENERAL, about 20.—Apply, 22 Regent St., Llangollen. ON SALE GENTS' First Grade CYCLE, < Royal Prince'—Free-wheel—Front and back rim brakes with Dunlop rims—guar- back rim brakes with Dunlop rims—guar- anteed four years. Price ^5 5s.—Apply B. WILLIAMS, Mona Stores, Rhos. I FOR SALE. 1 AAA GOOD BUSINESS ENVEL- JLUUU OPES for 2/6.—Call and see same at Herald Office. GREAT BARGAIN HIGH-GRADE Gents' Bicycle, brand JL1 new, not soiled, two best roller le- ver rim brakes, bail bearing free wheel, atest 1909 pattern, best tyres, mudguards plated rims, coloured centres and lined frame. All accessories, lamp, etc. Will sacrifice for ^3 95 6d worth double. Approval before cash sent.—F. J. HANDO, 6 Southbourne terr., Weston-super- Mare ESTABLISHED 1898. SSISTANT INSPECTORS OF A OF MINES. Mine Managers' Exams., Scholarships, and Associateship in MINING, &c,, Candidates prepared. Private Lessons hy Post. Geology. Min- ing, Engineering, Electricity and Survey- ing. Certificates awarded. Write for Syllabus. CAMBRIAN MINING SCHOOL, Glanffrwd, Porth, Glam. YOUNG MAN WANTED FOR NORTH WALES DISTRICT to appoint spare time working men Agents at Works, Collieries, Factories, &c., for old established house handling Clothing, Watches, Jewellery, Cutlery, Cycles, Musical Instruments, &c., on easy terms. Good opportunity for young man desiring change of work. Applicant must be energetic, reliable and trustwor- thy, but previous experience not neces- sary. Standing wage and commission, with excellent prospects to good man.- Appty by tetter to T. F.' Herald Office. BhosUaaercteugog Parish. Council. NOTICE. Small Eoldiag&a$d AUotmsnt Act THE Rhosllanerchrugog Parish Coun- cil are prepared to receive applica- tions from persons desirous of obtaining Allotments. The piece of Land available for Allot- ments is about one acre in area and is a part of Cae Enion. Applications must be made upon the Council's Form, which can be obtained free of charge. Applications should be sent in on or before the 9th day of August next. J. TREVOR JONES, Clerk to the Parish Council. 53 Mountain St., Rhos, July 39, 1909. VOICE PRODUCTION MR. POWELL EDWARDS FYEGS to announce that he now gives 13 lessons in VOICE PRODUCTION and SINGING. Terms moderate.-Apply MARKET STREET, RHOS. GEORGE BURROWS, Teacher of Pianoforte and ) Organ Playing, Singing, & Theory of Music. TEDls-MODERATE. LLWYNYCIL, CHIRK, RUABON, VISITS RHOS EACH WEEK. The HQRDAY IIDGET IS A PUVATC fBKSGMTGIf fSSOEB EVERT MONDAY, cwtiiwtf Arfmrtk KidH lihlllOMr. f ratably ■MktitnMc elsewhere. The "Midget" U faewwded post tot* bf casfjr country mails in jfcia wW omitpa lor 2 s. M. per ibgtc copy. Four We«k» mtm w»t ftr7c.ftL,»rT«n Week* kwal Special Reduced Tenuto Fall Seam Subscribers. Cor SVXRY fence nfauai iatla&ae Urt week of FLAT RACING, No*emW27th, I«09, iocIwwTe, will be 40/- INNUMERABUE SOURCES OF (INFORMATION. No tmpemm w Mr ham been armed in order that we may A place AM TOT nnteaaKe «f nw&ur talenijenee before sub- scribe! mad to this StanBifanee & doe the fact that thia pubhoafioni, sour gonk it cmft aa {fee pioneer of all sueb pmdudbouo. Special *#mU= in emSO to the -M;dgers- the 0 E-NMIB- OVEttlGBT mE SELECTION, adrertiaed each moraxag tmdonim hjcocMH iad the pnadpal Sporting l'apen ia Gle1JJliW JUItp1øbL -ru. ■19GILMLFIWSIMM«TAN Officcs: "MOIITAT MIDGET," ASCOT, ftESKS, \4/HHMmvobmmA >. j msmuarnmmammtmm .J;w In Loving Memory of HENRY AUSTIN CLARKE, Who passed away after a few days' ill- ness on August i i, 1908. Forget him, no, we never will, We loved him he re. we love him still, Our memory is as fresh to-day, As in the hour he passed away. Badly missed by all his relatives. "16-