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OLD AND YOUNG SUFFER FROM KIDNEY E. I I 7 ivatits a bo.Nf D6a7t'.g Backache Kielizey Pt*1,"S- Doaies." Bis I lil llfii Doan's Pills can be taken safely by the f Slj youngest child (nee directions with each box), E3S5f | m J || aD(^ found a sure aud lasting cure, ffl I I lli* OLD AGE" I j yljffl M|VH At the other end of life, old folk often K /I M WLIM J suffer terribly from kidney disease and from |i\ raft MM MM a i the results that come from it. When past 'j/rv J l\ middle age, there is apt to be a very V I m jM \nflir3SS P noticeable weakening of the organs of the body, notably of the kidneys. If the La. VmYJ kidneys are weak or diseased, and therefore unable to filter uric acid and other impurities [ from the blood, such diseases as Rhen. JV matism. Dropsy, Stone, Gout, Lumbapo V and Sciatica are sure to follow, and the only way to cure them permanently is to HILDHOOD and old age both are care tjje kidneys. Doan's Backache Kidney exposed to special dangers from Pms win do this for you. Among the sure kidney trouble. signs of kidney disease are urinary- and CHILDHOOD. bladder troubles, rheumatic pains in the limbs and joints, watery swellings beneath What mother is there Who is not anxious ti,€ eyes and tound the ankles and wrists, that her little ones should grow Hp;heaUhy ringing noises in the ears, constant and hearty? tiredness ami headache. Kidney complaints are very conanon m Doan's Pills are made from medicines .children, and unless taken firmly ju hand which long experience has shown to be M the beginning are sure to prove disastrous. particularly efficacious in kidney disease; i Kidney disease is frequently inherited strengthen the kidneys, and keep them from father or mother or grandparents, so to their work; lhey car« the kidneys that parents who themselves suffer from and make to fit for work. it should keep a sareful watch upon their ou foIk VOUIlR folk a]ifce may suffer boys and girls, and at the first symptom of frem kl(3ney troubl(J8. old folk yoang kidney disease should give them Doan's Pills. |olk aLke wiU find Doan>8 Backache Kidney What are the symptoms? Among them puis tbeir best friend. are aches and pains in the limbs, headache, „ n,„ om „ w T Doan 6 Bsck«obe Kidnoj PilU (u-a 2/9 a box, or urinary and bladder troubles of aid sorts, 53$f0r g boxes. Tbev cannot be bought loom, but met commonly the not being alile to ouly in 06 2)9 bo-em. -may be had ,f tli d 01', post tree, dirEd from the oontrol the kidney secretions, a ceaoetant Oiford-Ht., Loi*fc>n, w. Ro-ire.e of trouble to mothers and children. Doan's, Refambert BCKACHIr:.KIDHE'Y L THE LIGHTNING. BINDER- For all classes andstzes of Papgi*St Music Lecture Notes* Sermons. Statements. Letters, Møgazines, Periodicals. &c. Perfectly tlght^ Immediately released, -I: If" ,,8 "11 rU'" .0" '/Wb >,r ?' .lUII Utt,U- .tfH,Ui1uøa'I,fH.Ht'NfJfjt .loo.- t' AWondêrÑ10 TIDY. Bound in Full Cloth: "Stfone Setel Spring Backs "'1IOW''8 to"" CáI4.tW.IIt# ¡.' Office Sbot






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