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Chirk Resident withdraws nothing



UNDER CANVAS. RHOS TERRITORIALS IN CAMP. The Rhos Company of Territorials un" der Captain Davies and Sergt Morris, en- trained at Rhos on Saturday afternoon, for their annual training at Abergavenny. The Company after boarding the train at Rhos station, prepared to make the journ- ey under as pleasant circumstances as possible. Off came our trappings, and on the luggage rack went our rifles. Then arranging ourselves as comfortably as we could in the crowded carriages, we sang songs and smoked woodbines" all the way. By way of refreshment we munch ed ham sandwiches. A good journey was made, and in five hours the camp was reached. The bat- talion marched smartly from the station to the camp, all of us being only too glad of the opportunity of stretching our legs af- ter being cooped up so long in s stuffy railway carriage. On the way we looked curiously at our surroundings, and noticed with glee that our camp was in one of the most picturesque spots in Wales. Some of us also looked with feeling not alto- gether of delight, at the huge mountains around us. We knew our gallant cap- tain would not be content until he had scaled the dizziest hight and planted a Rhos section on the highest ridge. After dismissal was given, each clique began looking for their terft^. j^indred souls sought each other out., companions cooeed each other. The can- vas homes were made snug, and soon we got things ship-shape. Rations were served out, consisting of soup, beef, and bread. Captain Davies, with his usual t thoughtful.less, popped his head through each tent, and saw that his men were made as comtortable as possible. He cheered up the recruits and greeted the old hands. Sunday dawned with heavy clouds hang- ing over the whole camp, and the odds were that we were in for a good down- pour. Sure enough it came, and contin- ued for three hours without a stop. The usual Sunday morning church parade could not be held consequently. It con- tinued to rain until nightfall, when it sud- denly cleared up. This was the signal for the majority of the camp, which is a brigade consisting of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Battalion R W. F., to make their first visit to Abergavenny, which is a tair- sized town (not unlike Wrexham) and is situated in a pretty part of the Usk Val- ley. To see its beauty you must scale the high mountains that surround it. On Monday morning we were aroused at five o'clock, not by the reveille, but with a thick cane manipulated by Sergt Morris. After breakfast we were all marched to the playground, where the men who had served 12 years or more continued set vice, were presented with the Long Service Decoration, among whom was Corporal J. W. Jones. After- wards a march was made to the mount- ains, where our Company was addressed by Captain Davies on the duty and re- sponsibilities of Outpost. Drilling fol- lowed after which the battalion marched back. W £ ~~M Tuesday was a terrible day, in fact one of the worst some of the old campers could remember. It- rained all day long without a break. The men could not turn out, so the battalion were idle, save for a series of lectures. On Wednesday there was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was blazing hot. We were marched down to the racecourse in the town, and there went through the presentation ceremony preparatory to the meeting at Wrexham on Aug 7th. After- wards we had a very stiff climb to a high mountain overlooking the camp It great- ly reminded us of Barber's Hill. We finished manoeuvring at 1-30 p.m. NOTES. The C's' are doing all right so far and are much the largest company in camp. All our recruits are shaping well. We have a splendid programme of work befors us and warm work is expect- ed. Sergt Gough has been promoted to be Colour-Sergt. Captain Davies, Lieutenant Davies, and Mr Arthur Davies look the picture of health. FRED MILLS.