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N4 Til fc NATIONAL LOAN SOCIETY Is esprassly established atid registered pursuant to hot of Parliament to make Private advances, without Loan Office formalities?. to all cllassas (Mile or FesnaM), from £ 5 TO -91,000. ON 6IMJPLS WRITTEN FRjQMISS TO REPAY for any immediate !,a;at, to Shirt in BQ Furnish your Bone., to pay Kent or Eataa, õt"" pÐYate ute. The advance can bs paid bisck oy etm? mttalmems, or can remain O;kt From ttf years: by pastas the interest only. Having a larp capital alvOV tasgy r inveklpsSfcnt, 11" tatH kai "qttiQkly and cheaply. D.8i»ince no obj. Interest and Repayments lowest in Bngland dr tVales. The money ie advancea at applicant's hoaae if' ro quiva, thaa twving tM-irt the trouble qtqd expense of a. joarkey. Strict privacy and straightforward dealings guaranteed. It will cost you motwmg, it will save you nouia4v by applying either personally or by letter for our Free ProspectuB to the National Loan Society, 19 QUEEN ST., WREXHAM. Head O]Ece Corporation St., Manchester Cannot be Beaten THE | 'NEPTUNE' PL-i Fountain Pens pH AND TH1 | 'BRITISH' o Stylo Pens. P-t Absolutely Reliable. 52 B t-si British Make. P PRICES FROM +J g* 1/6 up tD 10/6. Z 14 Carat Gold Nibs. fp We stock them. (—{ Cafl and see one. E-t R. Mills & Sons HERALD OFFICE, RHOS. 1,It SALE.—Large sWk of RLKEPERR ard KAT,S, | • for immedv,- ar.»ce.-Ai>pljr. M t-'e md S- i V IKARN TO PLY — Insfrrctions a?"1 I>i»8T*mi» f">r roa. j st Model Aer- In <»« at I». '2d Mo<lel« read to ily from 1.>d — C irtr.1 Novvity Co 93, C~xn»all» b ildiiig3, 1 niuting: am. rr> 0T AND LATHED—$? "<■■ >1 U !»«; ''>■ I ,i J,liners' aiid E«i"sine v*' r> -t f<re. c- gr•. Lr,> C <1aW*iies, -id. lite. — C. Nurse & V a iv ,rt,road, LÔnrlOfl" S.}. t:ifL:.CJJ.aiJ. JP çJ PR¡TA n! mli"'If-S ¥.1..L.LM." Č ,,8\ -:r.:w,7'" ,i:C!'IØ No. a. he 13poilder J LJff needs a steady h2lud ami II dl'ar S bt.iil 9 nil OI1 of (iH;cu,t po,jt{(,)n no 11\1 1 (i" rof I¡¡ Y.. j;JíÙn Musclf. n<-tl ii)g Lctier in tLe w^rid 3 H t' an the sparkling Botanic eer ",3(Ie from H a |SV3ASO Of t8i-t*38 I B Costs 2d a L'ailou, bur worth a shilling. 18 Brewed in liritish 1 for over jo years uritfa the J H grea;ejt succe jm ■ AGENTS WANTED. fl ■ NEWBALL & MASON, NOTTINGHAM. ■ ,+=4- BEJ A" "MAYPOLE" TEA 11/4 Joi. OLD MBTAL8 of erery destntettoB^prmAaaed torc*ah — H. H. Bamtam) tc 6o»«, 144, Lanbeth Watt, London. rrOBAOOOSl CIGARS CIGARETTES I Bt«I7 imow* Brmna at MwutoWMW1* p?» Siidlen y»rtetjr of Tobsoooaista y»BCjr and Fittii)* The trade ool* tnppltcd. Opening order» fc ■p#claliyr s«od for Price List to »»y of owr Brxnene*. or m IIHLØOJr Oolk, InD., C)aiiy Stewfc. BinD KLITCHESl^r PESTS BLACKBEETLES Scientifically Exterminated by the UNION COCKROACH PASTIL UNION COCKROACH Cleared Sheffield Workhouse. All other pre^vationa f.iiled. POST FREE, 1/3, 2/3, 4/6. J. P. HEWITT, «"• Full Particulars how the Beetle Plagus wttt exterminated at bl'use after aU lrap. GIVEN AWAY the Sdfeld Work- and powders had fai el. Ape y—HEWITT, CT. 0 r t Ft., WA.NTKU, Auti<|Ue(dK'.e & Nep<ll.-w..i K. e h ries, brof«de«.—Nuriiinn MiiCtTCftf"r. 2". i.»r>i"» >1 n-i !_2i