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DHINGRA SENTENCED. ■ "gy —* P&'JSONER'H COOlPAfta'S* kfter 1-he trial, lasting only two h<>ur*, J; ffle Oj.J Bailey on Fri-clay, Madar Lai Dhingra, tlvo Hindu student who murdered Sir William Htt* Curzon Wyllie (political aide-de-camp to I. Morlev) and Dr. Lalcaca, at the Imperial Insti- tute on the night of July 1, was sentenced to death. In the course of his speech for the prbsecuticrt, Sir WiFiam Robson. the Attorney-General, said Sir Cufzoj. Wyllie had. for jr.-iiiy years in India in responsible and impor- tant capacities. The prisoner "Was a; 1, of India of respectable and lioi-.iotir,-Lbil e and loyal family. He had been at Baysy-'atc; murd ,-r way carefully and apparei.y le13 pri- mod int. I. Tli,, p.-sciier had no witnesses to caH, and did not, ■d-'iii.ie to the jury, Ip acct rdancfJ with his wish, however, the long statement made at the police-court, in which h-3 atieinp'-ed to- justify h!* act, was read. The Lord Chief Justice, in summing up, sa:'d it was net gugo-st^d :ha.; Dl.singra coi- rd tno crini- in r } -f!o■;ic: fie frrvd two *» :■ shots V crini- in r fie frrvd two *» :■ shots which kíLrl aii, 'Ili -r innocent )i! nnd re a'H this sa:d i. ;1 "11e! to kill Dr. Lalcaca I only fir-id at in self- ckf" <" )iv to tike- iio, .n- (]v•: ■ ■? th- (' 'ion he cb- h. O" r h-Mwe' :es. 'A: iurv wh • <1 a < st • s U-,r a. •vhV- .'•■ 'ccd y 1 the. pi:. v itv of v r uk-r.' a heard mc «.« .-junce- n r c.ed i, )- aeknewl.:dore your y," ¡ -g ■member 'Iv-f.be a" Lll one d;,y t1!' ■■■:■■ 011- 1 Lo-d Cbi-cf .ice pr«um-.vi i: black c:i d proviounr-ed the of death. N of LV- She fadg-c had flllishd Bbing.'a cried oi:- j'cja-.ik you, my lord. For my country t th; k I ST. to have the honour cf 1;:a iuiir.bl-3 life for my country." i-ed- calmly from the dock. "Indian SOCIOLOOJST." to the trial of Dhingra, Arthur il-ey, pr nter, of 646, 11: ;ord-rcad, x nk, was tried oil an indictment alleg- 11," did "unlawfivlly and seditiously p ud publish and cause, to be printed and j d a scandalous and seditions libel in the fov; of a pr'nted document called the 'Indian h <01; gist in July, 1909. asainst the members of die Government of his Majesty and against tji ucace." The defendant pleaded guilty. D-aling with the July number, the Attcrney- Genoral said he did not propose to read any of it, but it contained the clearest and most crimi- nal incitements to general murder or alleged political grounds. For the defence it was stated that Horsley bore the highest possible character, and had ne er mixed himself up at all in politics. His oilence was merely that of want of proper exer- cise of care. The Lord Chief Justice said he was quite willing to take the view that defendant di4i print this very terrible and wicked article with- out taking sufficient care and without knowing exactly what the contents were. What ha<l happened in consequence, or it might be in.con- sequence, of such articles, said his lordshia^ was potent to them at the present moment. H0 sentenced prisoner to four months' imprison* stent in the first division. FjKforts FOR Reprieve. E, fforts are being made to secure the r,pr-eve of i;bingra, on the grounds urged by Mr. W. T. Stead, namely, that to cany out the extreme penalty of the law would make him, in the eyce of many of his fellow subjects, a martyr, and be calculated to keep at=,c disaffection in India. It is understood that steps will at once be taken to obtain signatures asking for a re- prieve..






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