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EPITOME OF NEWS. A gravitation water supply for CarHsle, cost- | jug £ 270,000, has just been inaugurated. The liner Derffelinger, which strand/d near the Needles, was towed off at high ti loy eight lugs. During the year 1908, according to a White Paper, the number of death sentences in Bri- tisii Crown Colonies was 269, and the Mttnber of executions 154. A royal proclamation has been issued direct- ing the provision oi a water supply for Bangkok a. a cost of 3,000,000 ticals. The W.' i-Nvu-pu (Chinese foreign Office) at Pekin has made a. donation of 10,000 .taels to the Hong Kong University. Sir Henry Fane Grant, the retiring Governor of Malta and Commander- in-Chief, will leave Malta on August,?. Herr Gustave Karpeles, the well-known Ger- man scholar and writer, has died suddenly at Ead Nauheim. A boy of seven was "knocked down -and killed by a rootor-car in Stratford-road, Birmingham. Five pa ntings executed during the past year by Mr. Frederic Shields hfjve been placed on the walls of the Chapel of the Ascension, Bays- water-road, London. t Cardinal Andrieu has been sentenced !to pay a fine of £ 24 at Bordeaux for having incited the clergy to di«obeyr French law. Application is to be made to the Home. Secre- tary for an order abolishing the annual fairs at Isleworth, Hounslow, and Heston. General Broth's motor tour through the pro- vinces will extend over 1,500 miles. Seve.rai grants to jLondon and provincial charities were made by the Football Association I at its recent council meeting. As rèsult ofa three days' sitting the Surrey County Licensing Justices ihave extinguished 14 licenses in the county. Sentence three years' penal servitude was passed at Birmingham Assizes on George Harley, for Gorging a cheque for £ 250. George Gatenby, a young labourer, was re- manded at Goole on a charge of attempting suicide at the police station. The Carnarvonshire education authority hare eive cookery lessons to the boys in the Llandudno dietriet. The Middlesex County Council lias set aside E27)0 to pay compensation under the gooseberry mildew order. For the first time the ,Grand Prix of Rome for sculpture has been awarded to a woman— Mile. Heuvelmans. Harold Hunt, aged 6, of tJnnfberlond-street, Bristol, has won Pitman's theory certificate, and can already write ghorthand;at:the rate of eighty words a minute. A necklace w'th pendant, given by .a widow towards the cost of redecorating Christ Church, Westminster Bridie-road, London, has been found to be worth £ 100. Sentenced to death at Singapore, schinamain convicted of piracy declared that he would "take his case to the court of the next world." To secure the support of British financiers for a proposed Russian industrial a v f-it of Moscow bankers to London has 4aeen ar- ranged. A song by a millwright written in the auto- graph of Robert Burne was .sold in London for 151-91 per line—to Mr. Thompson for the I Burns Museum at Dumfries. At a meeting held at the Hotel 3fefropole, a resolution was passed forming an association for the Prevention of Adulteration of Foods. The Chancellor of the Exchequer informed a deputation of London Liberal M.P.'s that, he is prepared have London licensee revalued on the basis of the actual trade done. A suggestion that a postage stamp .should be issued to commemorate the King's Derby vic- tory was mentioned by the Postmaster-General in addressing the Hull Chamber of Commerce. The death has occurred at her residence at Hereford of Lady Save and Sele, widow of the thirteenth Baron, whony she married in 1857, and who pre-deceased her m 1887. At Bloomsbury County-court Judge Bacon had before him a claim in which the plaintiife were described as "extractors and adaptors of teeth." "The man who is lazy ought io be horse- whipped fining is not the thirpr, it is too ridiculous," said the Liverpool magistrate to a man who had got into trouble through laziness. During the hurricane in Texas, which did damage to the extent of £ 20,000, ten amateur fishermen perished at Galveston while fishing for tarpon from a pier in the Gulf. Four Channel swimmers are awaiting favour- able conditions to attempt to swim across the Channel during the neap tides. A pair of water wagtails are rearing a cnekoo in their nest in a six-inch drain pipe at Wal- soken, in West Norfolk. They have abandoned their own eggs. The Danish Government is considering a scheme for the construction of a submarine railway between Copenhagen and Malmoe, in South Sw., l' The total foreign trade of Japan during 1908 amounted to 183,147,196, a decrease of £ 11,471,826, or 12.1 per cent, compared with the previous year. Mr. J. Pierpont Morgan, who has returned to New York, said the general financial condition of Europe was excellent. 1 Whem crossing the iuliwiliq near Gilfaeh Colliery, Newport (Moo.), John Stephens, 58, a banksman, was killed by an excursion train. Two men were arrested on Wednesburv Station platform on suspicion of having stolen goods in their possession. A third man escaped. The Swansea painters' strike has terminated, and the 200 men, who have been out for several days, will retarn to work immediately. < Private Grooves, of the 2nd Yorks and Lan- caster Regiment, has died at Aktenhot from what is said to be a self-inflicted fllaot wound. At Abercarn, ydatig otiner., has beem remanded on bail on a charge of causing the death of a man named Hanks by striking him on the head. Enormous devastation hlw toeett earned fey a cloudburst at Duluth, Minnesota. Houses were washed away, the streets were flooded to a depth of Sft., and three persons were killed. Thfe Hon. Fitzroy Stewart ha* vesfjpSfjd his- •^at on the Council of the English Church Union as a protest against the president's (Vui-- couat Halifax) vote against the exasy to Animals Bill in the Honae of Lords. During the pMt month, It |r/ts iiirfii#"a ) '"y

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