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Telephone, No. 6, Rhos. Telegraphic Address: OFFA," Ruahon. TYSILIO JONES & SOl i BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS | English & Foreign Timber Merchants j AGENTS FOR DINORWIC SLATES, CEMENT, LMES SANITATION A SPECIALITY HEATING, LIGHTING AND VENTILATING. IVOR H. JONES, A.I.S.E. Certified Sanitary Engineer JOINERY & WOOD TURNING DESCRIPTION j GENERAL BUILDERS' REQUISITES PAINTING, DECORATING, &c., &c All kinds of Seasoned Timber, stocked Special attention given to Property Repairs IM F U N E R A L S furnished. .i t ■' I UTO I,Te -A- 0 EU- .A1301'f ""f, H. BACHE, Fruiterer, Florist & Seedsman, Market Street, Rhos, While thanking the public for past support begs to announce that he has now a large vari- ety of NEW GARDEN SEEDS carefully selected to suit the district, at lowest possible prices. Also RED and WHITE CABBAGE PLANTS grown in our own nurs- eries. We also stock a choice variety of Scientific Bird. Seed, Pigeon Corn, and Health Grit. Satisfaction guaranteed. M — vA. BOOKBINDING. When y u want you Magazines or Books bound, bring them to the Herald Office. Rhos. CASH 210 to £ 1000. j Interest 2s6d. in the £ for ,"1' agreed period. w. JACKSON, 7, St Harks Terrace, Wrexham. |Up-to-datq prit)tip$ +1::= i =:t+- rj you reqaire tt}e abovq eqquirq at tr¿ Jierald 0 fff e 'j Musical MR CARADOG ROBERTS MUS. BAC., OXON. F.R.C.O., AR.C.M., L.R.A.M. (Piano) Organist of Bethlehem Congregational Churcht Rhos, 1 Member of the Council of the Incorporat- ed Society of Musicians. Specialised in PIANOFORTE PLAYING Under Herr JOHANNES WEINGAERTNBR. ■: "Ternts for lessons, engagements as Solo ■j. Pianist, Accompanist, &c., on appli- < cation to Mount Yiew, Rhos, Ruabon MR E. EMLYN DAVIES, A.R.C.O. Organist Congregational Churoh. Chestet..st., Wrexham, Gives lessons in PIANOFORTE & ORGAN Playing, Theory of Music, Ac. Engagement# accepted as Solo Pianist, Aceow ptmist at Concerts, Eisteddfodim, Organ Recitals, etc. TSBMS ON APPLICATION. BROMFIELD HOUSE, SWAN STREET, RHOS UP-TO DATE PRINTING ■V AT THE HlUffcP OFFICE, BHOS 4 TeU&rayMc Address Nat. Telephone, 13, RhosHanerohrugog. "Timber," Ruabon -w-W THE STEAM SAW MILLS, JOHNSTOWN, RUABON. ISAAC JENKINS, PROPRIETOR. BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, TIMBER and SLATE MERCHANT. DEALER IN ENGLISH & FOREIGN TIMBER. MATERIALS KEPT IN STOCK-, Shafts, Spokes, Felloes. Naves. Field Gates, Fencing! Posts and Rails. Slating and Plastering Laths, Blue Slabs. PENRHYN, CARNARVON, FESTINIOG AND GLYN SLATES Cement, Lime, Plaster and alt Building Requisites* PlIPEJijllINGIJ\IG, P]?pp § DEownp. All classes of Turnery, Joinery and Plumbing work executed by a Competent Staff of many years' experience. Inspections made. Reports and Plans. prepared. Estimates given on application pw GOOD MATERIALS & WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. Estimates on Application '■ Em^res invited., ROBT. JONES, Mechanical Engineer, Gas, Hot and Cold Water Fitter, Saw GMard Patentee DEALER IN STEEL, IRON, BRASS, LEAD, AND ALL- KINDS OF HARDWARE GOODS. WINDOW GLASS, Plain and Obscure, MURANEES, Clear and Coloured,kept in stock. ALL METHODS OF Heating, Lighting, Ventilating, Plumbing and Sanitary Engineering. ELSOTRIC BELLS kept in stock and fised at most modtmtt rates. MONA GARDENS, RHOS, Buabon. Do you want to live long- ? The best means of so doing is by eating Pure Home made Bread. w WM. THOMAS, lies always made a Speciality 0* Pure JltiJ4E-fd7IDE BElID Which he delivers daily at ouatomera' own residence. TEA PARTIESTPICNICS soeokUly catered for at most reasonable terms- Nothing but the VERY BEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS kept in stock. ♦ j 26 MARKET ST., RHOS, JOHNSQN ST., PONKEY ,> \>"¡, EDWARD CLARKE, UNDERTAKER AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETOR Gutter Hill, Johnstown. 9 + Funerals completely Furnished Artificial Wreaths kept in stock Prompt attention to all orders Hanover House Hall-St, Rhos M. THOMAS, Grocer and Provision Dealer Home Cured Hams & Bacon, Home Made Bread. Currant and Seed Cake. Agent for Phillips's Pure Teas direct from the Ship. Oealer in Glass,Chins & Earthenware Dinner, Tea and Toilet Service, &c, WEDEHNG PRESENTS I JOHN SONS. BEVERAGES ARE PURE AND WHOLESOME. GENERAL Accident Fire and Life s Assurance Corporation, LIMITED. Capital, ^1,000,000. Chief Offices :—General Buildings, Perth London Offices:-g and 10 King street, Cheapside, E.C 13 Pall Mall, S. W:, 59-62 Chancery Lane, London, W.C- Liverpool Office6 Castle street ,< ';¡:" 1 .i ■ ii. »\#. FIRE. LIFE, ACCIDENT comprising Personal Accident. (All Accidents and all Sickness without medical examination) Burglary, Driving Accidents, Motor Car Employers' Liability, Fidelity guarantee. Monthly Payment Department, All Sickness and all Accident Policy. Premiums from 1/4 monthly ♦ AGENTS WANTED Apply, C. E. Smith, 6 Castle St., Livsr* pool. I WTo Merchants, Tr adesmen at others. IF YOU Want a Cook, Want a Clerk, Want a Partner* Want a Situation, Want a Servant Girl, Want to Sell a Piano, Want to Buy a Horse, Want to Buy or Sell a Farm, Want to Let a House or Cottagfe Want to Sell House Property Want to Sell Household Furniture Want to find Customers for Anything ADVERTISE IN THE RHOS HERALD BENDITHIAIST GOED y MAESYDD (Trefn. R. MILLS, fel y'i canwyd gan Mr James Sauvage,) I'w cael yn Swyddfa'r Herald. Ptis ik