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CORRESPONDENCE. RHOS UNDER BONDAGE. Sir,—I was glad to see the letter in your last issue respecting 11 Rhos undes'' bondage," and to read "Citizen's" pleS1 for Urban Powers. The farcical and amusing efforts of our Parish Council iø trying to govern a district like ours, bag once more been accentuated by the greaf watering cart question. Personally and I individually, our Councillors may be men of merit and worth but as a body, council, or an authority, they are usele35, They meet together monthly, and expend a good deal of mental energy, all to nO purpose. The same old questions crop- up year after year, and refuse to be quiet" ed. The latest feat of the Parish Council however, 'takes the bun.' Fancy calling a special parish meeting to consider tbØ question of purchasing a watering cart,, when the Parish Council itself has fie power to purchase one Atid hardly i street sound enough to stand being W3* I tered, owing to long neglect. f The Parish Council complains thatjt. scope and powers are limited, and yet if is content to go on year after year with- out making an effort to increase its poW" er. They have not even applied for in, creased Parish Council powers. Whyr even the lowly crab sheds its shell wheø the time comes but the Parish Council shambles along, fettered by its old shelly and Sticking in the mud when it might b# on the high road to a further stage of development.. -i The time is coming when the triennial election of Parish Councillors uil be on more before the electors. Let us see to if therefore that we return Progressives* The present Council, constituted as it ise will never strike out." Let us then see if we cmnot break the old bottb by pour*" ing new wine into it next March. I am, EXCELSIOK-

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