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The Rustication of Molly

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T u TM3OSAI08 I SAVE Olf TESBBLE | W/m JT KNOWING IT. | | DOCTOR: ? The Pain is jj Theref .l hI j Th»t, JW X fMvi\ » I f | j| vp i W- 1 f i\j| Doctors know—and Everyone ought to know—tKat Pains in the Back aa-j Leans, Rheumatism, Urinary Disorders, Gravel, Stone, Gout, and oilier Uric Acid diseases, and Dropsy are among the results of Kidney and Bladder Disease. I "rlE kidneys are the most important, Amongst the principal of these may be t ? <>/ganft in the bdy, which is proved mentioned bhidder weakness, urinary troubles, by the fohowinjt fHds. watery -welliiigs beneath the eyes and round j 1225 2 £ 34.JOOOa the ankles, backache, constant tiredness, and { WTH) anyone who has lived to the age of persistent ringing noist sin the ears. t Hwmty, all the in the lxnly has pas-ed These are all symptoms of kidneydiieaae f i oiK-rh the kidneys at lea-sfc or of fciduey weakness; and if the weakness The- Sidneys are filters, and e-ieh time or disease is neglected and permittel to gain a the iil.>c> i p mes ihrom;h them it is cleansed }mM, then terrible diseases will follow, duo I Ir MJI .impuriUf'S, superfluous water, uric acid to the accumulation of the above-mentioned and other poisonous matters which the poisons in the bl(, d such diseases as Dropsy, s blood has gathered up during its passage Rheumatism, Gout, Stone, Gravel, Sciatica, through the body. The pure blood retains Lumbago and Neuralgia. The only real cure to the heart for re-use, while the poisons for these dissa8es is t* attack the cause of are passed out through the urinary system. t]l(,m that to say, to remody whatever may It will at once be Seen how absolutely be wrcing witii the lidneys. Doan's BacJmhe • e wrong WI u. the Kidneys. Doan's AUAIKI 8 important it is to keep the. kidneys healthy it Kidney Pills cure these di i ases because they and strong; and it is upon this fact that J R-< v, TTi • act oirectly ana stronjav unon the kidneys, the value of Doan s Backache Kidney Fids is J t. based, for they are a special kidney medicine cnrm^ them wben di strengthening compounded of drugs which are known to act them when weak, and so enable them to carry efficaciouslyupon the kidhovs, restoring them on: l.eir (iiity of pntifying the blood | 1;0 health when they are diseased, or strengthen- and, keeping it sweet and wiiolesome. ing them if they are weak. It is essential to Above all, remember that the kidneys- bear in mind that when treating either weak cannot cure aieeasoives that you must help or diseased kidneys, delay is dangerous, and them, and that the lonarer you put off doing that help should be given to them at once. so, the more you will eTlf/er and the more SYMPTOMS OFtUGNEY DISEASE. difficult it will he for you to cure your j In order to deal with kidney disease at kidneys, which are the cause of your once, it is necessary to know its symptoms, suffering. THE ONLY GENUINE K j Doan's Mil BOX mr M$3ckache Be careful to fret the genuioToR Doan's Ipsffi | ..K.idnev- Backache Pills. 'J:>ey cannot be 8 bought loom. Tlw.y roay lw ulifain. d of l 1 /> McMNV #11 eheniirfta and «U>res, or direct, post U fl \V M^S I CS05. iroe, from the FoKttsr-McCJellau Co., 8, SPECIFIC, -.FOR .\l^rjftVa W,ill"treet., Orf,,ri et, Londou, W., price a/9 a box, or 13/9 for 6 boxes. THE LIGHTNING BINDER For all classes and sizes of Papers, Music Lecture Notes. Sermons. Statements. Letters. Magazines; Periodioals, &c. Perfectly tight but immediately released. "1111" f'U u. It" h. It. f. Jr jgK "II' .It .It. ttJ tCU.. H "U"h "8' ), 4Q, '1' .n,, M. iiuiinmiiiitMiiiinnriiirt'KMi | xir-Acrmo annua A WomtoM Office TIDY. Bound in Ftill Clothd Strong Steel Spring Backs .¿; lid .t. Call ww inspect same at 10 0 Herald, Offies BIbm