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EPITOME OF NEWS. In a collision between a motor-cycle and a tramcar at Wood Green, Albert Abrahams, who was driving the cycle, and his daughter, and William Bailey, who were in its trailer, were in- jured, Bailey seriously. At a meeting of the West Ham Hospital Com- mittee it was stated that the Marquis of Anglesey had written that owing to increased taxation he would have to reduce his subscrip- tion from five to two and a half guineas. In the presence of a crowded congregation the Bishop of London consecrated the new chancel which has been added to the church of St. Benet and All Angels, Lupton-street, Kentish Town. By a majority of sixty-five votes the Court of Common Council decided that every constable in the City of London force should be granted one day off duty in seven. The charge will entail an increase of the force by ninety men. Tariff Beforrners of East Marylebone, who are dissatisfied with Lord Robert Cecil's attitude. have d, eided to form an East Marvlebone Unionist Association and to choose a candidate to oppose Lord Robert. A United States revenue cutter has seized the Japanese sealing- schooner Tafci while killing 8eals off the Pribyloff Islands. The Taki and her crew of eighteen hands were taken to Unalaska. Summoned at Farnham, asoldier said that it was owing to a comrade throwing his clothes into the canal while lie was bathing that he walked to barracks at? Aldershot unclothed. By selling strawberries at a penny and two- pence a pound, Charles Sear, a costermonger, stated at West Ham Police-court that between 9 a.m. and 1.50 p.m. one day he made a profit of 19s. j Some fireworks which had been seized by the Alexandria police exploded, killing five natives and causing injuries to seven others. Through the fall of a stack of paper, 8ft. high, and a number of parcels, at Meagre. Waterlow's premises in Finsbury, London, Edward Gayler was fatally injured. Monsignor John Vaughan, brother of the late Cardinal Vaughan, has been appointed Titular Bishop of SebastOpol and Auxiliary Bishop of Salford. After getting up at 4 a.m. and hurrying to Liverpool-street Station to join an excursion to Clacton, Mrs: Sarah Phillips died on the plat- form of syncope caused by excitement. It is stated that the body of Sir Arthur Stepney, Bart., who died in California, will be brought to Llanelly fox burial with his ancestors. The body of Constance Nash, a young domestic, who has been missing from Hampton Wick for a week, has been found in the Thames at Kingston. Dr. Charles Hartley, Honorary Medical Officer to the Bishops Stortford Hospital, died in that institution after undergoing two opera- tions. [ Stuart Gordon, 49, an Australian, lately living at Portslade, Brighton, has died of septic peritonitis. He cut his finger whilst opening a tin of salmon. Three calves have been found disembowelled and with their throats cut in a Burton-on-Trent cowhouse. Some of the limbs were roughly severed and taken away. An expanse of 250 acres at Castle BromwicK has been acquired as a playing ground by the Birmingham and District Housing Reform and Open Spaces Association. Arriving at Vardoe Worw&y) from Russia, the wife of the captain of the steamer Lamazoff has ^eveloped cholera. I At Blaensychan Colliery, near Newport, a cage containing 20 men became jammied in the ishaft. Seven hundred men declined to work afterwards. Colliding with a motor-'bus at luord, an electric tramway car was derailed and thrown against the kerb, 15 feet away. Four people were slightly injured. As a lady visitor was listening to the band on tie cliffs at Southend she turned round, made eome remark about the weather to a lady sitting by her side, and fell dead into her arms. I An earthquake has occurred in Greece, in the province of Elis. Several villages have been destroyed, and many people have perished. Two women who escaped from prison at Moscow in men's clothes were recaptured. They were betrayed by their voices and badly-cut fcair. A millionaire named Weikl, who committed I suicide by throwing himself out of a window at Munich, explained in a letter that he was ) "bored to death." I Harriet Course, wife of a Midland Railway porter, of 5, Cecil-gardens, Leicester, was found in bed with her throat cut. ) The Royal Humane Society's silver medal has been presented to William Jones, and a I bronze medal to John Gane, by the Lord Mayor of Bristol for rescuing a man named Lever, who I was overcome by a rush of gas while working in a sewer. I The ceremony of publicly presenting the "pretty maid for the year with a gift of money j was carried out on the first day of St. Peter's Fair, at Holsworthy, Devonshire. A womaaa complained to the Willesden Police- court magistrate that her husband refused to work and told her that under the new order of things it was her duty to work and keep him. The strike among the employees of the Pressed Steel Car Company, Pittsburg, bus become general, and 5,000 men are now out. Sarah Love was sentenced to six months' im- prisonment at Bath for neglect of her baby, which it subsequently transpired died almost at the same moment as the mother Was sentenced. Information has reached Dover that the Fifth Cruiser Squadron, Atlantic Fleet, will proceed to America to take part in the Hudson-Fulton Centenary celebrations during the last week in September. A profit of E549 has been made by Coventry Cori»ration on thl'year'e working of the sewage farm. The land is cropped and as much pro- duce as possible sold, the surplus being used for feeding, purposes. Suffering from severe concussion, the result Bf his motor cycle colliding with a trAmway-car in Lordship-lane, Wood Green, Mr. A. Bailey, of Islington, was admitted to the Prince of Wales Hospital, Tottenham. ( Fifty men of a French engineering regittieni have succeeded in erecting in three day* an air- ship garage 60ft. high> 45ft. wide, mam 280ft. lone, at Issy, near Pari*. All the sections, ready for use, were brought, to the site by the regiment's transport. "The flower of our country, Lord Nslson, got wounded It twelve minatea past one andclfleed 4u8 eym ia mul*t df victory/* wSwPffjfcmea JBuka*. Jb. Mitor an howd ai at Maura. Utb W I f







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