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FATAL ACCIDENT AT HAFOD. Boy Driver Killed. An inquest was held at Penuel Chapel, Rhos, on Wednesday, by Mr Coroner Kenrick, touching the death of Albert Hazlehurst Skelland, High-street, Rhos, 16 years of age, who was killed at the Hafod Colliery, on Tuesday morning last. It seams that Skelland, who was a 44 driver was found dead under the sec- ond tub of the journey. No one actually saw the accident, and the jury, after hear- ing the evidence could but conjecture as to how the fatality occured. The first witness called was John Skel- land, who identified the body as being that of his son, who was 15 years 11 months old. Witness last saw deceased alive about 5 a.m. on Tuesday. He heard down the pit that his son had been injured, but he did not know he had been killed until he arrived home. The boy had been working down pit about eleven months, starting as a door-boy and after- wards becoming a "driver." Coroner Is it usual for the drivers to ride on the drams of the journey ? Witness Every driver rides on the drams for a portion of the journey. Mr John Edwards, manager, Hafod Colliery, produced plans of the spot where the accident happened, and explained that the management, to safeguard life, pro- hibited riding on the drams in certain parts of the journey. When the road was in any way dangerous, or where there was an incline, the instructions were that the drivers were to walk alongside the journey. Coroner Was the body found on the portion of the road where riding was pro- hibited ? Witness Yes. William Roberts, employed at the Haf- od Colliery, said his duty was to turn the journeys to different parts of the flats. He saw deceased with his journey about ten minutes to nine on Tuesday morning. He knew that in one part of the journey it was forbidden to ride, but he had never seen deceased ride in that portion. A little later on, a boy ran to him and asked if he had seen deceased. He became alarmed at his non-appearance, and he and the boy went up the rails to see what had become of deceased. They found him lying under the second tub of the journey, quite dead. The first and second tubs were derailed, but he could see no dirt or any other obstruction on the rails. —Answering questions put to him by Mr D. H. Matthews, Colliery Inspector, wit- ness said that the rails were in good con- dition, and that the road was a roomy one. There was also a man-hole quite near. "r.1. Robert Ellis, collier at Hafod, said that when he heard of the accident, he ran to the spot, and found deceased under the second journey. He could not say how the accident happened, unless it was that deceased slipped and fell under the tubs. Merrick Charles, (15) driver at Hafod said he saw deceased about 10 a.m. on Tuesday. He did not see him again un- til he found him dead under the tubs. He did not hear a shout at all. Coroner Have you ever known de. ceased's tubs go off the rails ? Witness: No. —Do your own tubs go off the rails ? -Yes, sometimes. David Jones, fireman, said he examined the road that Tuesday morning, and found everything in order. The jury returned a verdict of death through misadventure, Mr Kyffin, fore- man of the jury, adding that no blame was to be attached to anyone.


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