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A Happy Endingj





BENSON'SWATCkES BEST VALUE in THE MARKET, AT MAKER'S CASH PRICES. In Silver Gases. the Watch for British f3m Working Men. jLaJ fHWUJ The MABVELcftha 20th CENTUBY. ]B,,c,4 msom's ENGLiSH LEVER. "\TSTEwish the public a Good LCNDON- \Vk MADE ENGLISH LEVEil, instead JSB' of common country-iiiado English, Swiss, or iira I ■18 American work, and axe sure they wiil find it UbB much cheaper in the long ran, hence our iutro- (fen hMS duGtion of this Watch for those who do not wish wsS^T if" 1 to spend more than SB 10s. e The movement is f-plate of our best London Wg&r make, Jewelled in 7 actions In Massive Sterling ^SgggMr Silver, Crystal Glass Cases, S3 10s. Sent free and safe at our risk, to a.U parts of the World for cash, or P.O.O. BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from i2 to £500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES. PLATE, &c.,&o. Post free OIl application. In Silver Cases. IPLEVEB WATCHES can only be excelled bv the Kw English Lever described above. A so and Watch a> a very low price. In Sterling Sil ver. Crystal Glass Cases, price £ 2. Unequalled by any other Watch sold the pri, Selections of Watches or Jewellery sent free on receipt of reference. OLD "WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. WATCHES and JEWELLERY sent free by post at our risk to all parts of the World or Cash for Post Office Order. parts of the World or Cash for Post Ofik:e CIder. to au J. W. BENSON, Ltd., H.M. THE QUEEN'S WATCHMAKERS, THE STEAM FACTORY— 62 & 64, LUDGATE KILL, LONDON. CLOCKS for Presentation Church, School, and Public Buildings. PARTICULARS rosr ffBSB. \N It. .4tm, wmmjmjsm, YEARS* i a good „c;/a: the 0heapeE*^l|v GUARANTEE f'flEMi £ &S,SWJFTS, prior, eh Reader? Very well, then, K GIVER HlMfiES.R/.)'lW* tell rne tl e h k" v < m like the best, and I wifi \|||k I FiiS5C~"7HioH-GRA.- ^ote y°v. Po"nds .Isk iE £ £ iis COVtMTHV ''elowtheM;,kfrSand m: BICYCtr ocal Agents prices, sBKk ..f j&i'A 1 cj» fill Svfaker who is j^r W$S able to-selT high-grade ll Cf £ 1M\ Coventry machines at su<-h rjb-w&i 1W cut prices as I can and mark you—each mode! is brand- new and sol d to M aker's«tandard'3peciiicatsm./aC^>§^^S LISTS m P»" a-iittie-at-a-time, just as much as you can Ekmtowr snare, but remember—the machine is despatched 00 arqval-fxxrnediatel on payment of as awJl t)»- ABl EMsff posit. Rudge-Wh-twr-hs from £ 3 15s. cash. /CdMwr w OLzy ..w »«» Eowo. O BfiiEN, Ltd. sdlBr flBU The World's Largest Cycle Deal w P. -V-D THE LIGHTNING BINDER For all classes and sizes of Papers, Music Lecture Notes, Sermons, Statements, Letters. Magazines, PeriodicaJs, &c. Perfectly tight but immediately released. <f "H1 Hi* it H Un" ..u., ,.It. t fill. f MHItlMUlUllillNtllillltlKlini M Js/Bf H i mi i |^L "tI'I. HII' lit i mi i |^L 1 Itll" "t "n"n' h "I"nn"».. A W<mdcrful jOffice TIDY. Bound In Pull GlothS Strong Steel SPring Backs "N.t'aI'w'ItI. Call and inspect 9am at R. |^1|« Soiis, EmUr Gl€d BJbM :$.d b,UO\'H1!C _GM. -ft