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EPlT^r,n;c NEWS.


EPlT^r,n;c NEWS. C^vern^-Mit is negotiating with n U .n ;ue tj,u:.ciji:i.:aeat ol an arms factory in "B.oil. ilIr. F rcderi k Pa;rvier. at present'-chief engi- I neer of the Port of Ca.-cutta, lias been.appointefl to be chief engineer to the Port of London Authority. One man who was snprcaed to fee missing in o ,con if the i, i, Docks disaster has reported himself. Tile; c-ai 'a "{TITer} at Longton, Staffs, of A Iderman. Aaron Edwards, who was in his) vUb ssii?- <> ■; -viag in the office of s I "Mayor for the seventh time. Ly vet'.n; seller named Saxnmie" (Cozzi "as t -> i vted for trial at "Worthing ck- r a r-f,roiver at Dominico '■Coceezfa, a tradesman. I Sir Matthew Katha-n, the Governor, of Natal,' while driving at Durban, was thrown out of his carriage, as the result of a collision with a wag-g-on,-anil was slightly'injured. 7 a n cas' at "Wymondham (Norfolk) Police- court'.it was stated ..that; a. man had been enablej t, n house because he had a family of nine children. G- -orge Noakes, who was charged with the murder of the little girl Madge Kirby, was dis- charged at the Liverpool Police-court. MiissSybil Rider Haggard, daughter of Mr. H. Rider Jiaggaid, tht- novelist, was married at Ditchingham to Major, U. E- Cheyne, of the Indian Army. Mrs. Henry Dimdas, wife of the British; Consul at Ataccio. Corsica. Has sustained serious injuries in a carriage accident at that place. Two men in distress, in an unknown boat,; were picked up by a Dublin steamship three miles from the Needles. At the ages of eighty-three and seventy-four respectively. Mr. William Manna-ten and Mrs. Mary Ann Molland have mmrried at Souti Molton, Devon. The Duke and Duchess of Fife have arrived at Chrísti¡¡niaÜl tJ, yacht Catania for a ten days' visit to King Haakon and Queen Maud. j A policeman who was on point duty at the i corner of -Waterloo-road .and Stamford-street;, j London, war run over by a van laden with sand and seriously injured. It was stated at a meeting of the authority fthat the Government.are in communication witn the Humber Conservancy Board regarding the defences of thetiver. At Bishop Auckland William and Isabella Turner were each fined .£5, indudinl- costs, for falsely representing that the woman was a widow without means in order to obtain an oid- -age pension. "Two hundred Swansea painters hare come out son strike for an advance of wages. The plumbers of the town intend coming out on _the 1st prox., and the local plasterers have been idle for several weeks. After a mother had prepared a bath for her (thirteen months' child at Bath she -was called away, and cn her return found that the infant had wriggled from bed, fallen into the bath, and was drowned. Whale the tug Stormcock was towilig the steamer Northu iberland up the Tees the bow I of the latter-struck the carriage of a large csane on the water side, overturning it into the water, j It jutffc missed the vessel's deck. It was stated at an inquest at Hammersmith that a young coffee-etall keeper., -while dragging I his stall into position, overstrained himself and j dislocated his spine, the sudden shock resulting in death from asphyxia. Since January 1 the committee o £ the Uoyaii | National Lifeboat Institution have voted re- wards for saving 296 lives, and during the same period the lifeboats have been launched to the aid of vessels in distress on mo fewer thaai 17IS occasions. The Home Secr mhrmed -BEr. fSummer- bell, M.P., that police on duty-at the Houses of Parliament receive a special allowance rf <me shilling a day in addition to the ordinary pay of their rank. It was unanimously agreed st a public meet- ing at Pepys House to form an association to assist in directing the work of the London Diocesan Boy ScoHt Corps. and otber todies in- trested in the boy scout movement. An impressive memorial service was eon- ducted over the trench where the bodies of thirty-three men who lost their Eves in the Newport disaster still lie buried. The chairman of the baths committee at a meeting of the Bangor City Council attributed the decrease in the receipts ior the Corporation baths to the popularity of golf. An oval Urbino dish, with a raised eentaw le- preen ting the Children of Israel gathering manna fetched £ 609 at Christie's at a sale of old Italian majolica belonging to Mr. S. A. Gibbs, M.P. The Reorganisation ComHattee of fite Navy League recommends that membersMp « £ thi league be placed on a popular basis by reduc- ing the qualifying subscripticm to Is. Charges of drunkenness and disorderly con- duct against Mr. William Delany, M.P. for the Ossory division of Queen's County, were dis- missed at Portarlington Petty Sessions. The Rev. Dr. Kinnear, ex-M.P. for Donegal and one of the oldest and best-known members of the General Assembly of the Irish Presby- terian Church, has died at LetterkeBsay, County Donegal. At the inquest at Buckingham on Mr. Thomas Lond Brown, chemist, of Market-aquare, it was stated that he died from an overdose of lauda- num which he took to induce deep; The prisoner Gould, one of the guardians sen- tenced last autumn in connectitm with the Mile- end scandals, is to be released. The sentence passed upon him was eightee In months I imprison- ment. A. coroner's jury returned a verdict of "Wil- ful murder" against ,Lucy Tanton, domestic servant, whose child it is alleged, was found strangled ip a train on the Exeter and Barn- staple Railway. The body of an unknown man has been found in a dam near Bollihope, in Weardaie. A large- piece of stone was buttoned under the vest, and apiece of string was tied loosely round the ankles and wrists.. Princess Louise (Duchess of Argyll) and the Duke of Argyll journeyed from London to Kingston Hill in a taxicabv to the, Princess Louise Home for Girls, and presented the prises to the inmates. v Walter H. Gill, forty-seren,. f<»nn«riy «b £ e2i cashier of the* Chatham branch of the London and Provincial Bank, was sentenced by the stipendiary magistrate to three months* im- prisonment in the second division on a charge of stealing JB150 of his employer's money. Captain Alfred Bertrand, president of, tIM Genera Geographical Society, has just returned, on the concln^Kitf of a ten months' journey: through K&sutolirtnd and East Griqnalana. £ Le was aCconipaaiei by his wile.






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