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RUSSrAM cigarettes. POST FIUE. 17s. 0:1. 1.(11)0; ids. till. 500- — Magma. J. TO STALL-HOLT* RS. SHOP-KEEPERS. OFND 5s. or VOs. for Job Mixed Paieel La.-e, ILu^ker- O chief*. Pinafores, &<'• All shI'siMo-. Carriage paid.— FORREST, Dtakn OUli'erKY, l;t Beautiful 8in. Linen D'Oyley*. TO introduce Sale Ciitalou-i-e. '•"d half-doz -n. post,' frr-c SMITH BROS., Dept. 17, Jl.KH VJON. XOTTiXUH A cable, received by the Liverpool Salvage Company, states that the Cunard liner Slavonic, which went ashore off Flores Island, int .Azores, early this month, cannot possibly be got off. Lord Lucas, Under-Secretary of State for War, will be chairman of a committee appointed to inquire into the emolument of the permanent staff of the Territorial Force. Gostyngiad yn y Pris. MAP Y RHOS AtQ. Llyfr Aehau 73 MLYNEDD YN OL. Mae y Map Lljfr yn ddyddoro! iawn i rbal sy<jki yn eaulyn Rhea a'i tlanes Hen. -_0:- Pris y Map a'r Llyfr, 1/6. Y Map yn unig, 1/- I'w rael yn SWYDDFA'R 'HERALD.' I BIBLE IWIETYS PUBLICATIONS I- I English and Welsh Bibles and Testaments Sold at the marvellouslly I Cheap prices of the Society, t t A. Large Stock always on I hand at I R. MILLS & SONS, ¡ Herald Office, Rhos. i MIN wilm WfNSLQWS Soothing Syrup FOR CHSUMtCN TEETHING Has been need ovv 59 -sr. fey millions of mothers for their uMMfc whiT" t<-e- puo<ws. It bo^tres the elJíM, game.*lfe«y-Ri'Aftf.-cnre* WfMD COLrc, UMd. i, th*. *«««• ronwidy f-or i lATiHHtF.A. Sold by ail Chemises at 1 H per bottle. TO JOG YOUR 'MEMORY. GO-OD PRINTING Is an essential to-day. Too are measured by the quality of your Office Stationery, Circulars, atid Advertisement Matter generally. Have you ever thought of thie ? -t; -4t R. MILLS & SONS PRINTERS &c., Herald Office, Rhos. -M .Vft"H" iiPCSTIST 18 S!0TH £ RSI K j ($8* Every mother afca riie Health tad aK § #■■ -ClesaiaKSftSoi keraeiiMt&wM u«e Br \A HARfliSOti'S J y "RELIABLE 9 (l J NURSEBY POMADE. A yr One •-f&eacfon kills «K }sst* Vermin, Wr A beaut-t&es *t<d nmsafcrifo-n# th-s Ka-ir. V jSk v»' f« T tm, i <• 1 jt W 6 £ «. W KMaJSOH, CSfcMi'of. SMAS ST., &EA0IHC. IW da*nt •—. Jjr I). Brang, RøWianck w, UlÎ Ruaboo