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EPITOME .OF NEWS, —L— 7N Prince and Princess of 'Wales "have r46 tv ."<1 to town. A halibut weighing 4001bs. has been received B:Iings(!t;;{: firm. 1-3 ha.? a tleSeit of £ 2,294 on the i'' r ri working of the Ipswich municipal tram- Bljeppard, sub-Dean of the Chapels Royal, xi appointed a Domestic Chaplain to tIk- e-,i has sent a quantity of strawberries ales oi tiLe Great Ormond-street Hos- I'iMren. J awes Boll and Mr. Ralph Slazenger b; ■. '•.•-■n. t-teefred sheriffs of the City of London J awes Boll and Mr. Ralph Slazenger h ■. t-teefred sheriffs of the City of London t for e coining f. ct cavalry operations and infantry fi_ ;i i were witnessed by the Turkisk Mission shot. A miner named Joseph Hampton was sen- shot. A miner named Joseph Hampton was sen- i te?M-d fco death at. Bodmin for murdering his Elmly Tredrca. Messrs. Knight, Frank, and Rutley's awaon an oil painting by Pater depicting ,a ea- p scone realise d £ 1,522. awaon an oil painting by Pater depicting a ea- p scone realise d £ 1,522. ¡ At de animal .conference <«f the United I r bourers' Union it was decided to IlL o with the National Labour Party. is-t v-rai sufamariBes and torpedo craft taking ipars iu tue naval manoeuvres experienced very in the Channel. For Dg his premises in Caledonian-road for I the „ of bdting, George Poole, tobacco- nist, va ;med at Clerkenwell. Mr Learner has been elected general orga- j nizcr v tiie Aji.a!gama ed Society ,of Eailvvoy j Bei v i .ice Mr" A. Hear (retired). j The., win at Cambridge enckd a th-s garden party given by the five sons aN. two daughters of Charles Darwin. Thro».: :,h touching a live wire in erecting an I electric crane at Leids, John Smith, of Armley, ] was kili-: instantly. | The iiiskop ot Exeter entertained 3,000 mothers vx his palace from the diocese. I The Sydney Chamber of Commerce has ap- pointed a committee to inquire into the deterio- ration of irozen moat. I Known as a chess-player, Noej Edgar Mearea has committed siiieklc by taking poison at his lodgings in St. Pa a eras. Dr. Natiiani-i Hofaart, who was over ninety years of age, and reported to be the oldest sur- geon in Ireland, has died at Cork. The population of New Zealand increased in 1908 by 31,158. The surplus of births over deaths was 16,857. The number of marriages advanced from 6 to D per thousand from 1887 to 1908. A Roscommon message says that instructions have been issued to station-masters rto book no goods for Cork owing to the difficulty .of deliver- ing them on account of the strike. The King has accepted a copy of Memorials of a Warwickshire Family," written by the Rev. Bridgeman Boughton-Leigh. Mr. Hugh Cecil Lea, M.P., has informed the East St. Pancras Liberal and Radical Associa- tion that he will not contest the seat at the next election. Two cousins, John Harpnr and Mary Harpur, who were married seventeen years ago, were remanded at Wexford on separate charges of bigamy. Dr. James Bellamy, who recently celebrated his ninetieth birthday, has resigned ithe presi- dency of St. John's College, Oxford, which he has held since 1871. Free legal defence will in future be provided for its members by the Automobile Association, it was announced at a luncheon in the associa- tion's premises. Fined 20s. at Birmingham for causing an obstruction in the streets by persisting in hold- ing a meeting, Stewart Gray declined to pay and went to gaol for 14 days. Seeing a constable being roughly handled, said a witness in a case -at Kingston, three I" women went to his aid, one of them blowing his whistle. After satisfactory speed trials, the ocean- going torpedo destroyer Saracen has been I handed over to the naval authorities at Cowes. Valuable instruments belonging to the borough analyst were destroyed by fire which broke out in the Huddersfield Municipal Market. At Stafford Assizes William Peters Taylor, who has spent 50 out of 70 years in prison, was sentenced to six months' hard labour for shop- door theft. During the storm a barrister told Judge Wood fall in the Westminster County-court that he could not raise his voice above the noise of the rain and hail. Arrangements are being made at Woolwich to entertain the officers and crews of the cruisers to be stationed there when the Fleet visits the Thames. Fines of JE5 each were imposed at West Ham on the keepers of two cinematograph shows in Barking-road, for not providing safe means of ingress and egress. While John Gamble, a pantry boy at Malvern College, was shooting sparrows his gun went off, killing another boy named Thomas Meadows. All Italy celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the battle of Solferino, in which the Aus- trians were defeated by the allied French and Sardinian armies. Mr. John Burns states in parliamentary papers that the cost of maintaining and cleans- ing the public roads of London in the year 1907-8 was £1,4fi9,291. Four earthquake shocks have occurred at Messina. A strong shock was also felt at Reggie di Calabria, and one at Mileto. Walls were demolished, but no one was injured. Eight brilliants were sold in Paris for £ 40,324. The most important of the gems, known as the Blue Hope diamond, was knocked down to a local dealer for £ 13,000. It had been expected to fetch £ 60,000. Many prominent persons in India, headed by the Viceroy, are co-operating in a movement for the celebration of Mr. Chamberlain's hirth- day on July 8. During some experiments which were being carried out at Kieff with an aeroplane the machine struck the side of a hill and threw out the occupant, an engineer. He sustained a broken leg. Sentence of five years' penal servitude was passed at the Staffordshire Assizes on Thomas Podmore, who attacked his wife with » razor, terribly injuring her face, while she held the baby, which he kissed. At the annual general meeting of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, it was an- nounced that the receipts from annual subscrip- tions, donations, and church collections for tne I year ended December, MB. amounted It 922,649.












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