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RUABoif POLItE COURT. To-day, Friday, before Hugh Peel, (in the cbairy,, Mr R. R. Jones, Alderman Jonathan,. Giiffiths. ancr Mr R. Pritebard. EACH AS BAD AS THE OTHER. Edward Jones, School-street, Rhos, was charged with assaultiLg William Paddock, Johnstown, 01S May 31st. Complainant said that on Whit Monday evening he was coming home from Kuabon, when he was struck several times by defendant, for no provoca- tion whatever. David Evans corroborated. Jethro Carter also corroborated, and admitted that both defendant and complainant had drinks although they were by no means drunk. Defendant said he was coming home from Bua"" bon Park on the night in question, when he happen* ed to brufh against Paddock as passing him. Up- on this, Paddock turned to him, and asked him tv he wanted anything." Botla, then exchange^ words, which led to a fight. Dicky Jarvis, a ytung Rhosite of hercoleaxs? proportions, said that at the time, he was walking some distance behind the others. Ele saw the t-wo" young men having a smack at each other. L;om. plainant got the worst oi it. The Bench dismissed the charge, saying it was æ case of six of one and half-a-dozen of the other Each would have to pay his own costs. PONKEY MAN SENT TO PRISON. Richard Phillips, Chanel-street, Ponkey, was' charged with assaulting a girl named Elizabeth Large, twelve years of age, Tanylan, Ruabon, oni May 19ih. Mr Hopley Pierce, Wrexham, appeared for the' prosecution and ,Mr W. H. Churton, Chester, lol" the dEfeLce. Some discussion took place as to whether thØ" case should be tried as an indecent assault or aa w common assault. Eventually it was d cided to tvf. the case as one of common assault. Mr Churton said he would plead guilty to a com- raon assault, although by so doing he was not by* any means admitting an indecent assault. Mr Pierce in outlining the cise, paid that a little1 girl, not quite 12 yeard of «ge, living at TanylaJJ^ Ruabon, was sent with & message by her father CD May 19 She had to pass the shop of the d,-ieu& ant in Paddock Row, and when she was doing w he called her in and took her into the shop. He locked the door on the inside and took her near the fire and there committed the offence complained ois While the girl was in the s-hop, a man entered ther door to make a pu,chase. Mr Churton pleaded guilty of the charge of com-r mon assault. The M-gifatrates after retiring a bbort time, eaitB that they hud found the defendant guilty of a most dattArdly assault. lie would be sentenced to twC" months hard labour.

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