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Fashionable Wedding at Rhos.

Dodges of Coal-Miners.


Dodges of Coal-Miners. In coal-mining, as in other trades, there are many tricks played. Seams below three feet are paid extra tonnage, gener- ally a penny per ton extra for each inch in the reduction in the thickness* of the seam Certain days are set apart for the purpose of measuring, and many schemes are re- sorted to by the miners to make the mea- surement as low a possible. Thus, acord- ding to the inequalities or irregularity of the floor and roof, a place may measure three feet one day and the next only 2ft 9. The miner takes advantage of this fact by Mettiog his place stand for a whole shift, and sometimes a day, when to a reduction in the thickness of the coal seam, and it pays him, too. in other cases stone bands rub in the Seam of eoal^ land they vary in thickness also, but the miner is paid extra tonnage for the increase in the thickness of the band. Thus. you see that it means a con- siderable addition to his income to obtain an increased measurement." r A popular trick among mine managers is to work the near and most accessible coal 'in the mine, with no. regard to system so long as they succeed in obtaining a large output of coal. Having worked all the best districts, they look out for anot- her situation, and you will understand the position of the next manager and the enormous diiffculties and expense to work the mine. t




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