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lawn am golli Coes.




RHOS HEBAlIiD GO o r ON INSU&ANOSi TICKET. t "1.11: Applies- only within United Kiugdom., Specially re-insured with the Creacrai Asci-isnt Fixe and Life Assurance Oorgof&tion, limited Qiief Offices—General Buildings, Perth, Scotland, ondcii f 9-10 Krn st. Cheapside, E.C. I Offices: 13 Pail Mall, S.W. F. NORIE MILL3S5 F R,(Genl. Manager,. whore, c-n bslrJf of ;¿. proprietors, N >tio» gairas under the following conditions csuet be seiit within ser-ja rlays of andft^at. OS'it iitiis J»HiD POUNDS will lc wivw paid to tb.i -ioxr- of kin of any persua who is killed by an accident to the JlUl6Dg9!" tri-ÏD in Y'rFJ.ich the deceased WW trarelliug as a ticket- bearing or paying passeurfwr, or who whali have been fktally injured thereby, should death result wicuiti me Cal uiontli trifle;- soch aocideuw Fi'ovli> ad that the person so krJU-d or injured had upon Kin or her person this }age, with his or her nsaa* lipatiue, written prior. so the accident, in the MPWO provided below, wfcich, together with the wing of notice within wsviru days to the above Sarporatiou, is the essence of thi3 contract. 9$iis Insurance only applies to persons o ver 14 Mbd under 65 years of age. asid holds good for tie aprrent issue only. No person can recover under one Coupon Ticket fe respect of the same risk. Signature Thia Coupon must not he cut out, bat left intact a the Rhos Herald is that, being dated, forms the soly evidence of its currency. TO LET HOUSS and SHOP near the Cross, JLjL iwos-Apply 1 High street, Rhos. TO LET CHAMBER HOUSE out of Jones St., U Rbos. Kitchen, W»shhou9e, W.C., ,and back yard.-Apply W. Phillips, 23, Brook Street, Rhos. TO TRADESMEN, &c. YOUNG MAN with two days' spare time would be pleased to assist Tradesmen, &c., with their books, or to sdlect unpaid Bills, &c. Excellent refer- opees.-For terries write X, Herald Office FOR SALE. -| AAA GOOD BUSINESS ENVEL- lvl/U OPES for 2/6.—Call and see same at Herald Office. FOR SALE. FUNERAL STOCK, Second Hand Hearses, ^30; 20 new patterns; landaus, £4°; Hansoms, £ 20. Brakes apsy terms. Catalogues.—MARSTON'S Bradford Street, Birmingham. ESTABLISHED 1898. Assistant inspectors of OF MINES. Mine Managers* Sacams., Scholarships, and Associateship at MINING, &c,, Candidates prep tred. Private Lessons hy Post. Geology, Min- ing, Engineering, Electricity and Survey- ed. Certificates awarded. Write for Sfcllabus. CAMBRIAN MINING SCHOOL, Qanffrwd, Porth, GLuw A REWARD. A REWARD of jQt will be given to anyone who will give information tifeat will lead to the conviction of any per- mm or persons who have wflfully damag- ed a number of trees in Ltwynenion wood. information to be given to Messrs 1. & W. Powell & Co., Llwynenion. RHOS CHAIR EISTEDDFOD, Llanerchrugog Park, Monday, July 5th, 1909. TENDERS are invited to provide LIGHT REFRESHMENTS for the above (no intoxicants) Ground to be dtved between each meeting. Tenders to be in the Secretaries* hands on or before JNee- 25th. JOSBPH DAVIES, 25 Brook st, Rhos J. T. EDWARDS, Bryahyftyd, Ponkey VOICE PRODUCTION MR. POWELL EDWARDS BEGS to announce that he now gives > lessons in Voccc PRODUCTION and: SSNGING. Terms moderate.—Apply MABJCET STREET, RHOS. GEORGE BURROWS, Teacher of Pianoforte and Organ Playing, Singing a; Theory ofj Music. — Timms-MODMATF.. ILWYNYCIL, CHIRK, RUABON, ViSlTS RHOS PA€H WE^K, Important Hotiss, ma 10 im s vw 0 0 ID EISTEDDFOD On Wednesday, July 7th, 19 09 W Alteration, in Music Subjects. I i BflXED CHOIRS (not undei 50 or over 70 m nuni- I ber) The Heavens are fcellni (H-ivdo) at-.i not I The Angele Chorus' (as iu programme}. Prize 48 8g and Silver Cap val(ie f:2 23 for conductor CHALLENGE SOLO for S ;pr;uio or Contralto I (Competitor's own choice instead of Y Ser Dis- glaer.1 Prize 21. CHALLENGE SOLO for or Bass (Competi- tor's own choice iosfead of (0 tyr'd yn ol fy ngheneth dag Pnz. ;.Cl. Entries to bo mads by June 2S o g > W. Gsrefcon, Beehive. Lseswood, Mold n ees 4 g Pryddereb, Mnuobesfeer House, I c Leeswood, Mold.