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EPITOME OF NEWS. Lieutenjftit Pennington, of the 14th Sikhs, has committed suicide by shooting himself with a rifle at Quetta, India. Mies Mary Burton, of Aberdeen, has be- queathed LIOO to the Edinburgh Women's Suf- frage Society. I Colchester is to spend 210,000 in widening and deepening the River Colne and constructing a new quay 2,000 feet long. I The palette used by J. M. W. Turner when I painting at Chelsea is to be sold at Christie's. Dr. Theodor Barth, leader of the German Radicals, died at Baden-Baden. The new Bibby liner Leicestershire was launched by Messrs. Harland and Wolff, Ltd. Belfast. The Belgian steamer Prince Leopold de Bel- gique collided with four barges off Wapping, seriously damaging each. ( Five m-eii have been killed and two injured by an explosion of fire-damp in a min<e at Cabayin, Spain. Princess Henry of Battenberg at Chiswick opened a bazaar arranged in connection with Christ Church, Turnham-green. Mr. Arthur Lewis Webb, director-general of reservoirs in Egypt, has resigned his post and is leaving Egypt. A man was killed by falling in front, of a train at Glouoester-fload Station, on the District Railway. Oliver Cromwell, a comedian, was mulcted in costs at the North London Police-court for drunkenness. Mr. Edward Sharp, of Linden Hall, Carn- forth, an octogenaran magistrate, died after a long illness. Dr. A. Madeley Richardson has been ap- pointed head of the Music Department at the Battersea Polvtechnic. "1'" Twenty-five choirs rendered the music at a festival service held ia St. Paul's in connection with the London Gregorian Choral Association. Mr. Reginald Lane Poole, M.A., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, has been elected keeper of the archives, an ancient office which has just been revived. Elizabeth Metcalf, of Church, near Accring- ton, has been granted a separation order after 50 years of married life, during which time she has had 26 children. At Reading, Alfred Wells, a single man, was remanded charged with robbing with violence Mrs. Emma Holland, aged 60, at Tilehurst. Open competitive examinations for women and girl clerkships in the General Post Office will be held in October next, and application forms will be ready for issue about -the middle of July. During a fire at Finsbury-park a girl of ten sobbed heart-brokenly for her kittens, which were in the burning house. They were brought out unhurt, and she hugged and kissed them joyously. During 1908 the total value of United States crops was £ 1.555,600,000, an increase of E58,000,000 on the value in 1907. "Manslaughter without malice ver- dict of a Liverpool coroner's jury against Wil- liam Houghton, arrested in connection with his father's death. Sums of from be to fifty guineas have been received by the Royal Botanic Society Council in response to an appeal to Fellows to protect the society from bankrupted The Duke of Bo&ord- has refused the Crown's offer to bay part of the Thomey estate, as the valuations on behalf of the Crown and of the Duke differed widely. Billericay guardians have voted £5 to their medical officer to cover, for the current year, the increased coat of drugs as a result of the higher duty on spirits. An Aldershot message states that, owing to the scarcity of ofticers in the Royal Marines, no lieutenant will be recommended for transfer to the Indian Army this year. The Melba prize and R.A.M. have been awarded to Alice Baxter (soprano), a native of Nottingham, and Janie Blake (contralto), a native of London. Colliding with Lord St. David's motor-car, near Tenby, a donkey-cart was badly damaged, and its occupants thrown out, but not seriously hurt. r For embezzling in 1903-six years ago£91 belonging to the Edmonton branch of the Ope- rative Bricklayers' Society, of which he was treasurer, Charles Perry man was sentenced at Tottenham to six months' hard labour. A miniature rifle range on the roof of the' Fenchurch-street premises of Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping was opened by Mr. G. Dalton-Hardy, deputy-chairman and treasurer. • < Thieves entered the house of the Hon. C. Craven in St. George's-square, Pimlieo, and stole 9300 worth of silver plate, and eups., Mr. Craven is in East Africa. Over a thousand signatures of drivers of taxi- cabs have been added to the petition organised by the Commercial Motor Users' Association I against the proposed tax on petrol. I At a meeting of the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association it waa reported that the flowering trees provided for the Walthamstow district streets were in full bloom, and were giving great satisfaction. Mr. D. W. Crowther, a Hnddersfield commer- cial traveller, who had been missing from home since May 24, was found lying dead upon some straw in his father's warehouse in Northumber- land-street. Signor Carlo Sforza, CounciHor of the Italian Embassy at Constantinople, has been trans- ferred in. a similar capacity to London, in suc- cession to the Count oe Bosdari. Mr. Lloyd George, in continuation of his South Wales visit, journeyed over various parts of the-railway system in the neighbourhood of Merthyr, whence, after a short stay, he left for Treherbert. Ex-Police-sergeant Hannaford, who, on his retirement from the force four years ago was the heaviest police officer in the United King- dom, was buried at Newton Abbot. He weighed 20 stone. At the eighteenth annual confe-of the Postmen's Federation at Birmingham it was decided to express sympathy with the French strikers, and to organise sv natipnal fund for their benefit. Two watchmen wjio have patrolled the town Two watchmen who have patrolled the town of Bilston nightly for many years in old- fashioned coats and hats, crying the hour and the weather, are to be no longer employed in that capficity Princess of Victoria of Schleswxg-Holstein, who opened a bwfalft- at Herne-hill in aid of St. Faith's Church$tf&&iag Fund, was the first Royal visitor to Hti* £ &ill aan.ee tb* r«ign oi Charles L







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