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EPITOME OF NEWS. < The King witnessed a performance of Mr. R. C. Carton's farce "Mr. Preedy and the Countess at the Criterion Theatre. Archdeacon Wright, of 'Manchester, has beey elected Archbishop of Sydney by the Synod, subject to the confirmation of the New South Wales Bishops. Tom Bowling was the name of a naval petty ocer who was summoned at the South-Western Police-court. The summons was dismissed. In order not to jeopardise her old-age pen- sion, the Yarmouth magistrates fined a woman, ag.^d seventy, £ 5 for theft, instead of sending her to prison. John Cresvick, who escaped from custody in Rhodesia, and tramped two thousand miles across Africa, was ordered at Bow-street to be taken back to South Africa. "Wireless apparatus has been installed at Lloyd's station at the North Foreland and within a few days messages will be transmitted from the station to steamers. A horse attached to a cart plunged into the river Lea and was drowned. Two workmen narrowly escaped a similar fate. At D-r-vonshire House a drawing-room meet- ing was held in support of Trinity College {Cambridge) Mission carried on in Camberwell. William Henry Neale, of Redhlll, was fined 2s. 6d. for giving a child under five years of age beer. He pleaded ignorance of the law. For making a false declaration in connection with the Old Age Pension Act, Thomas Bullas was at Bury St. Edmunds sentenced to three months' hard labo-ui. A meeting of the Court of Governors of Man- chester University decided to confer on Mrs. Sidney Webb the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature. In the action brought by Count Boni de Castellane against his divorced wife, formerly Miss Anna Gould, and now Princess de Sagan, the French Court of Appeal has decided that the Princess shall retain the custody of the chil- dren. For King Edward's visit to Birmingham on July 7, when he will open the new University buildings, a special lift is to be constructed at the Council House to save his Majesty the exer- tion of mounting the steps. The two Canadian schoolboy marksmen who are in England as the Imperial guests of the London County Council schoolboy marksmen were received by the Chairman of the Council. Willesden Guardians report that during the half-year just ended a profit of £ 100 17s. 8d. has been made on the garden account, vegetables having been grown for the various institutions instead of purchasing them. President Taft has sent a message to Congress renewing the recommendation of President Roosevelt that an appropriation be voted to enable the United States to take part in the Brussels Exhibition next year. It was stated at a meeting of the Lambeth Council that the borough lost X40,000 last year on empty property, and that 75 per cent. of the houses in Stamford-street were closed. A system of illumination in which thirty-four miles of electric cables and decorative lamps of an aggregate of 1,500,000 candle power are used, was inaugurated at the Shepherd's-bush Exhibition. The King and the Prince of Wales have accepted copies of Mr. John Foster Fraser's most recent book, "Quaint Subjects of the King," which deals with the lesser-known tribes in distant parts of the Empire. Thirteen public executions in consequence of the Turkish revolution of April 13 were carried out in Stambul and Beshik Fash. Now that the Union of South Africa is at hand, Dr. Jameson has decided to retire from public life. The Archbishop of York /(Dr. Lang) and Mr. Justice Hamilton were elected honorary Fel- lows of Magdalen College, Oxford. Mr. Carnegie has offered, and the French Government has accepted, a gift of 9200,000 to establish a Peace Heroes Fund in France. The body of Chief-stoker James Clarke, of H.M.S. Hasty, has been recovered from the water of Felixstowe dock. Mr. Thomas Mellaid Reade, the well-known geologist, died at Blundellsands, Liverpool, aged 76 years. ) In Dublin fines amounting to 990 were inn- posed on four men for using premises for bet- ting purposes. Four hands in distress oR a fishing boat were saved off Stromriess by the new motor lifeboat John A. Hay." While making for Lowestoft Harbour, the smack Majestic was driven high and dry ashore on the south beach. More than 130 applications have been re- ceived for the vacant living of St. Andrew, Norwich. Mrs. Sarah Hickleton, of Wheatacre All Saints, has just attained the age of 105 years. The cancelling of a contract by telephone was upheld by the Clerkenwell County-court judge. ) Mr. Charles E. Musgrave has been appointed secretary of the London Chamber of Com- merce. Major-General Willoughby Stanley Clarke, late of the Indian Army, died at Bournemouth. "Difficulty in elocution is no bar to success on the stage at present," counsel declared at the London Sessions. The National Gallery was visited by 637.304 persons and the Tate Gallery by 2|4,683 per- eons on free days last year. Running on to the line at Swansea Quay Parade to see some Yeomanry pass, an errand' boy named Willie Jewell was knocked down and killed. Damage estimated at 950,000 was caused by a fire at Salisbury. The premises of Messrs. H. Williamson and Son, clock makers, were com- pletely gutted. Of the total of :C5,W7 resulting from the Women's Exhibition at Prince's Skating Rink, Knightsbridge, £4,300 was taken at the stall" and JE300 in the entertainments. According to Sir Henry Geary, who made the statement at a meeting of the Farnham Board, of Guardians, there are probably 200,000 ex- soldiers on the rates. Five of the members of Lieutenant Shackle- ton's Antarctic expedition reached London on board the Paparoo. Lieutenant Shackleton will arrive later. The Catholicos of All the Armenians is going to St. Petersburg from Turkey, to ask the Rus- ,sian Government to take the Turkish Armen- ians under its protection. Miss Bell, a traveller and authorem, has been robbed ot her horses and baggage fey Kurds at Mtdiyad, south-east of Biarbeki, ia Asiatic Turkey.,



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