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RHOS TRADE.Splendid fresh butter direct from .the farm, at iod, iid, and is. per lb. John Williams, Bank Stores, High- street, Rhos. REFRESHING RAIN.-Afler a long spell of dry weather the welcome rain descend- y 1 9. ed in torrents early on Tuesday morning. I It could be heard beating on the roofs and pattering on the dry streets, and to the ears of the farmer made a most musi- cal sound. WEDNESDAY FOOTBALL CLUB —A meeting- of this club was held at the Sun and Dragon Hotel, on Monday evening. The financial statement of the club was presented by the secretary, which showed the club's affairs to have been carried out satisfactorily. TENT MEETINGS.—Special gospel tent meetings will be held ia Mountain-street, commelcing on June 6th and continuing each evening. Addresses by the special evangelist will be delivered on The sec- ond coming of Christ." Silo.TIY,G:rhe Rtios Company I G's' Territorials started their musketry drill on Monday last at the Erddig Range, a strong muster of men turned out under the command of Sergt Inst Morris. MR W. JONES. M.P.—On Saturday evening last, Mr W. Jones, M.P., visited Rhos, and delivered a well-attended lec- ture at Penuel Chapel. On Sunday j morning he attended Bethel, Ponkey, and I in the evening attended Tainant Chapel. BOWLS.—The presentation of the med- als to number two team took place at Rhos Bowling Green, on Tuesday even- ing. The champion of Cheshire is ex- pected to shortly visit the Green, and to play an exhibition game. MR SAMUEL EVANS —The Committee of the Merthyr and District M.C., have asked Mr Sam Evans, Merthyr, (late of Rhos) to undertake the work of conduct- ing the rehearsals for the singing festival of the united M.C. Churches, to be held in May 1910. In asking Mr Evans, the committee said they felt it a duty and a pleasure, to help aid to encourage musi- cal talent and ability in young Welshmen. Ho; use—The Rhos Homing Society J flew their second O. B. Race from Here- ford a distance of 68 miles. Nine mem- bers sent about 80 birds which were lib- I erated at i o'clock by Convoyor Winstan- ley the weather being ideal some very good velocities were obtained. The fol- lowing were the result :-ist Jones and Jones, Hope street, 2nd and 3rd D D..vie> Campbell street. ANNIVERSARY --The Sunday Schcol anniveraary services were held on Sun- day, and will be continued next Sunday I at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. Mr J W. R. Cailin, a student of Hartley Col- lege, Manchester, w-is ihe special preach- L er. In the afternoon a children's service was held. at which solos and anthems were given by the choir under the leader- ship of Mr G. Williams, assisted by Mr S. A. Duce's juvenile orchestra. The or- ganist was Mr J. L. Broadhurst. NEARLY DROWNED. — Hearing the cry of a child coming from ihe direction ot the Ponkey Big Pool, Mrs Thomas, who lives near, rushed to the spot, and found that two small children had fallen in and were in peril of their lives. By her pres- ence of mind Mrs Thomas undoubtedly saved the little ones from drowning. The spot is a dangerous one and should be properly fenced. POSTAL FACILITIES An effort has been made by Mr John Evans and Mr Joseph Charles, to obtain postal facilities for the residents and others residing in the surrounding district of Victoria-street. -Mr William Jones, the genial and obliging Postmaster of Ruabon has visit- ed the place with the result that on Mon- day the following letter has been received from Mr Jones :—Ruabon, May 24 1909 —My Dear Sirs, I have pleasure in in- forming you that a Letter Box has been authorised for Victoria Street, and will be erected in the course of a few days. Trusting this will be satisfactory. Yours 1 faithfully, W. Jones. 1 It is needless to say that the boon will t be highly appreciated by the public gen- eraily. r DECLIXIXG SUNDAY SCHOOLS —In awarding the certificates to scholars on Sunday afternoon last, at Capel Mawr, Mr Joseph Rogers referred to the indiffer- ence and apathy that seemed to be grow- ing in the attitude of young Wales to- wards the annual scriptural examinations and Sunday School, generally. Mr J. Tysilio Jones added that it would be a lamentable thing indeed to tVales when the Sunday School lost its ho!d on the young people. He looked upon the Sun- day School as the backbone of the Welsh Sunday. He was sorry, he said, that that afternoon there were no fewer than six children's classes without teachers. JUBILEE SINGERS.—On Saturday even- ing, the well-known Jubilee Singers- coloured ladies and gentlemen—attended Rhos Public Hall, for the purpose of hold. iog a concert. So poor was the attend- ance that the meeting bad to be aband- oned. The singers then proceeded to Capel Penuel, where they sang after the delivery of the lecture by Mr Wa). ji ne>, M. P. On Monday evening the Hall was so meagrely attended that the perform- ance could not take place. MINERS' SUPERSTITIONS.—In an article on Old superstitions and customs of Wales" the miners of Rhosllanerchrugog come, in for special reference. The article says "In Rhosllanerchrugog, a mining village near Wrexham, the people have very quaint beliefs. For instance, if a collier happens to meet a woman in the early morning as he goes to his work, something dreadful is likely to befall him. Good luck, however, follows the person who accidentally falls three times on his way to work. On making enquiries among some of the oldest workmen in the district, we find that the superstition of meeting a woman in the early morning is a very old one in Rhos but no one seems to know much about the other belief. RHOS CHAIR EISTEDDFOD. -The pros- pects of the above Eisteddfod, which will be held the first Monday in July are im- proving each week. This week the two energetic secretaries have been visiting the surrounding districts, interviewing officials of different choirs. There is every prospect of the following choirs compet- ing, viz :—Chief Choral Talke, Chester Oswestry, Buckley, Cefn Mawr, St Hel- ens, Maelor. Male Voice :—Moelwyn, Brymbo, Vron, Acretair, Broughton, Rhos Warrington. There will also be about ten children's choirs. The secretaries are to be thanked for their energetic efforts to secure the success of the Eisteddfod. MUSICAL FESTIVAL.—The annual musi- cal festival in connection with the English Presbyterian Churches of the district was held at the Victoria Hall, Wrexham on Monday last. The conductor was Mr G. W. Hughes, G. & L Johnstown, who performed his work in an admirable man- ner. The singing throughout was hear- ty, and should improve the congregation- al singing of the different churches. In addition to the collection of tunes, the chorus, "Then round abont the starry throne" (Handel) was rendered. The lo- cal orchestra, under the conductorship of Mr Harry Jones, Rhostyllen, rendered eff- icient aid. The presidents were Mr John Owens, Chester, and Mr Tudor Hughes, Wrexham. MYSTERIOUS AIRSHIP.-On Sunday even- ing, May 16th, an airship was seen by six Rhos men. The mysterious ship was seen at a very great altitude, travelling in the direction of Holyhead In shape it resembled a huge cigar, and no balloon arrangements or gas bags were noticable. —Having during the week read of the appearance of a strange airship in Wales in all the London papers, we sought out one of the Rhos eyewitnesses of the air- ship, and asked him if he might not have been mistaken, or have taken a small cloud to have been the object seen. Mr Llewelyn Davies, grocer, Hall-street, however, emphatically asserted that the affair was not a figment of the imagina- tion. He and five other persons distinct- ly saw a strange flying machine high up in the air. The atmosphere at the tim was very clear, and there were no clouds to be seen. It was travelling very swiftly and passed out of sight in a very short time. OUR MEMBER.—Mr Hemmerde is the subject of a sketch in last week's Vani- ty Fair." The article says that although Mr Hemmerde is only thirty-eight years of age, he already has a reputation of which an older man might be proud. Most people think of him as a brilliant K.C., whereas his heart's desire is to shine as a politician. He took silk in < 1908, at the same time as- Mr F. E. J Smith, with whom he is persistently as- I sociated by the public, presumably be- cause they differ on every point of opin- ion He is now Recorder of Liverpool, while about fifteen years younger than any previous holder of the post, and his friend 0: confidentially prophesy that he will break other records. He is an ad- vocate of the democratic cause, a decided Free Trader, and a popular orator, who will, no doubt, quickly enhance his repu- tation when his party goes into opposi- tion. He has insight and decision, is a practical and logical speaker, and will lot fail for lack of self-assurance. He is tall and broad-and deep.—Mr Hemmer- de was entertained at a complimentary dinner in London last week on the oc- casion of his appointment as Recorder of Liverpool. The guests included Mr Ru- fus Isaacs, K.C., M.P., Mr F. E. Smith, K.C., M.P., and Mr Croom Johnson. SCHOOL CONCERT.—A most enjoyable school concert was given by the children of Rhos National School, on Thursday, and Friday evenings last. Each evening 91 the school was packed with a large and appreciative audience. The chairman the first night was Dr J. C. Davies, and the Vicar of Rhos presided on the second evening. The following programme was performed by the children:—Partsong, Fairy Dance "—the Choir action song, Little Haymakers Infant Boys act- ion song, The Lost DollJunior Girls nursery rhymes, The Choir and Infants action song, "Little Fishers" Junior Boys drill and march, Good Night" Infant Girls; action song, Dainty Dancing Fairies" Senior Girls; sword drill, Senior Boys; humorous sketch, The Suffragettes Senior Girls part- song, Those Evening Bells the Choir recitation, The Tale of a Kitten Miss Sarah E. Dodd Scottish air, (with -a;, ions) Caller Herrin Senior Girls act- ion song, Niddy Nod J, Senior Bcys character sketch, "Grandmothers Old" Senior Girls; Welsh airs, Codiad yr Ehedydd -1 Merch y Melinydd" Da- fydd y Gareg Wen Rhyfelgyrch Cad- ben Morgan The Choir.-All the items were excellently rendered. The suffra- gette sketch created roars of laughter, and the sword drill by the senior boys was admirable. Mr Elias Jones, the headmaster, is to be heartily congratulat- ed upon the success of his efforts, and we hope to see the school concert an annual institution. The accompanists were Miss Mabel Walton, Miss Pollie Hughes, and Mr Emrys Jones. The proceeds go to- wards the purchase of a new piano. By special request the performance will be repeated at the Rhos Public Hall to- morrow (Saturday May 29), To HEAR THE NIGHTINGALE.—This week and last, numbers of Rhosites jour- neyed to Nant-y-Ffrith to listen to the song of the nightingale. Some have re- turned delighted with the bird's trilling many have been unfortunate enough to reach the spot when the bird was asleep or absent; whilst others subtly turn the conversation when the nightingale is men- tioned. On Friday evening last a party of sixteen made the journey to Bwlch- gwyn in a brake, under the guidance of Mr J. T. Edwards. The start was made at 10-30, and the wood reached after a couple of hours drive. Full of eager ex- pectancy the party ensconsed themselves on a rustic bridge, and waited with baited breath for the trilling. Presently the murmur of the brook running near, and the songs of the prowling roysterers were drowhed in a flood of melody, and for two hours the listeners stood entranced. The return journey was commenced at 2-30 a.m., and lay through a picturesque bit of country, which looked very weird in the light of the growing dawn. Rhos was reached at 4-15.



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