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1VX 10- .au 46/ ØIIl I18S RHOS HERALD COUPON INSURANCEI TICKET. Applicable only within United Kingdom. Specially re-insured with the G-eaeral Accident Fire and Life Assuranos Corporation* Limited Chief Offices-General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. C 9-10 King st, Cheapside, E.C. Offices: I 13 Pall Mall, S.W. F. NORIE MILLER, J.P., G-enl. Manager, ift whom, on behalf of the proprietors. Notice of Qsbw under the following conditions matt be sent wwkin seven days of accident. JYinn ONE HUNDKED POUNDS will be iSlliiUU paid to the next of kin of any person who is killed by an accident to the pwwnger train in which the deceased Has travelling as a tioket- "Jiwurbog or paying passenger, or who shall have been ffcially injured thereby, should death res alt within aM calender month after sach accident. Provid- yl that the person so killed or injured had upon }Je or her person this page, with hi", or her usual lipatuse, written prior to the accident, in the Space provided below, which, together with the fpving of notice within Keren days to the above gforpo ration, is the essence of this contract. This Insurance only applies to persona o ver 14 8ind under 66 years of age, and holds good for the ABrrent issue only. No person can recover under one Coupon Ticket Slareapeot of the same risk. Signature This Conpon must not be out out, but left intact 111 the Rhos Herald its that, being dated, forms the only evidence of its currency. ON SALE APIECE OF BUILDING LAND situate at Avoneitha road, About goo square yards.—For further particulars apply, Robert Williams, 24 Hill street, l'enycae. WANTED A SITTING-ROOM & BED-ROOM for a lady. Permanent.—Apply— HB,1 Herald Office, Rhos. NOTICE "VTURSE HUXLEY JONES is pre- J^l pared to take Maternity Cases C.M.B. & B.M.H. Certificates. Present address, Caia Farm, Rhos. Nurse Jones Sotends to reside in Rhos shortly. TO TRADESMEN, Ac. YOUNG MAN with two days' spare JL time would be pleased to assist Tradesmen, &c., with their books, or to iSSAlect unpaid Pills, &c. Excellent refer- ames.-For terms write X, Herald Office FOR SALE. 1 AAA GOOD BUSINESS ENVEL- JL \JvJ U OPES foi 2/6.—Call and see same at Herald Office. FOR SALE FNERAL STOCK, Second Hand Hearses, ^30; 20 new patterns; budaus, 640; Hansoms, b20. Brakes aaq terms. Catalogues.—MARSTON'S Bradford Street, Birmingham. ESTABLISHED 1898. ASSISTANT INSPECTORS OF OF MINES. Mine Managers' JEjEMns., Scholarships, and Associateship MINING, &c,, Candidates prepared. fhfxvskte Lessons hy Post. Geology, Min- iïIg. Engineering, Electricity and Survey- Mfap. Certificates awarded. Write for SYLLABUS. — CAMBRIAN MINING SCHOOL, CStazdfrwd, Porth, Glam. WILDING LAND FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY in one of two lots a VALUABLE PIECE of MJJLDING LAND situate in Queen st. mid Broad street, Rhos, comprising 670 stgasae yards or thereabouts.-Apply G. fgmwm HUGHES, Solicitor, Johnstown. WOICE PRODUCTION 8B. POWELL EDWARDS BEGS to announce that he now gives lessons in VOICE PRODUCTION and Socame.. Terms moderate.-Apply MARKET STREET, RHOS. fiOSPEL TENT MEETINGS MOUNTAIN ST., RHOS. Commencing Sunday, Jane 5,09 and continuing each evening at 7-30, (Saturdays excepted). Stirring Evangelistic-Addresses An the SECOND COMING OF JESUS Evangelist WALTER REED. A Itearty Christian Greeting tq aiL. .n.P, Meeting's & Entertainments t i Cu hyfrydwch cyfrodedd, Dwy ochr v wlad, dowch i'r wledd. T ]Li t EISTEDDFOD Goronog Gwyr leuainc BWLGHaWY 1ST A gynhelir IiIiUNGWYN, MM 31. CORAU MEIBION 14 i n d I Brymbo, Warrington. Rhos. CCpAU CYMYSG: Maeior Stredford Rhos Coedpoeth NAW 0 SARTION Ynghyda au mawr ar yr Unawdau, I Deuawdau, Adroddiadau, &c. RHAGLEN Y DYDD, PRIS 2g., yn barod Mai 26, i'w chael yn Swyddfa'r Herald, neu gan yr Y sgrifenydd- ALUN ROBERTS, Hafod y Bryn, Bwlchgwyn, EISTEDDFOD CAERGWRLE yrbon a gynhelir mewn pabell eang i eistech ISW o bobi Gwyl y Bane, Awst 2it, 1909. Beirniad Carddorol- S. D. GLYN ROBERTS, Ysw., Mus. Doc. 1—Corau Meibwn (heb fod dan 3) mewn nifer) Y Dwyfol Fab" (Jenkins).. Gwobr, 210 a 'Rob- erts Patent Watch Metronome i'r Arweinydd 2-Coran Cymysg (heb fod dan 30 mewn nifer) Cwag, Filwr, Cwsg' (I H Roberta) Gwobr JE8 a 'Gems of Welsh Melody' i'r Arweinydd 3—Coran Plant (heb fod dan 25 mewn nifer ac o dan 16 oed) Y Fordaith (Hopkin Evans) Gwo- I br &3 a Chrom ifctc Piteh Pipe i'r Arweinydd ( 4-Seindorf Prea neu Ariatt—4 Songs ef other days I (Round) Gwobr £ 5 5-March, Tbe Sea Lion f (liound) Gwobr XI Is I Unawdan Soprano, Teuor, Haxitane, EL Is yr an I Hefyd Pedwarawd, Decawd, Adroddiadau, &e. Rhesfcr o'r Teetynaa, Pris 1c, i'w eael yn Swyddfa'r Herald, neu trwy'r Llythyrdy, lio gan EDWARD ROBERTS, Yag. 3 The Quarry, Caatle Street, Caergwrle. I Savaxdea Ftieadly Society's DEMONSTRATION The Members of the Shepherds and Druids Lodge will (by kind permission of W. G. C. Gladstone, Esq.) hold their Anniversary in H award en Park, On Whit Monday, '09 TWO PRIZE BANDS have been engaged to play for Dancing from 3 to 9 p.m. Grand Charal Competitions For Mixed and Male Choirs. Silver Challenge Bowl and Cup also 235 m Cash Prizes. Special Engagement of the famous Wingates Temperance Prize But. Winners of 26M ill Prizes. Winners of the 1,600 gas. National Trophy 1906 and 1007, Three hours performance. Dojxfc fail to hear this splendid Band. Grand Atbletic Sports Prizes value 222. For puticulars apply J. Garrafcfc, Avondale, Queensferry, Flint, J. Dut- ton, Sandycroft, Chester. Entries close May 22 FOOTBALL MEDAL COMPETITION Two sets of Medals. Special engagement; of Prof ROBERTO, Con- juror and Ventriloquist* and Ponch and Judy Shows. Park opens at 9 a.m. ADMISSION, SIXPENCE EACH. Three Large Refreshment Tents under separate management. THO& ELLIS, Rawarden, Sec. = IBTI GEORGE BURROWS, Teacher of Singing, 1%5.0 2 m 46;7 9 (Late pupil of SMALLWOOD METCALFE, Choral Master to HENRY J. WOOD, Queen's Hall, Loodoo, Master of Mu-cie Franco-British Exhibition), VISITS RHOS EACH WIfEK. Terms, apply Llwynyeil, Chirk, Rnabon. MOURNING CARDS. We have a beautiful selection of all the latest designs, and can execute all orders at a few&miss'OOticfi R MILLS & SONS, ASS*.

-----DEDDF Y PLANT. ! -0-