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RHOS HERALD COUPON INSURANCE TICKET. Applicable only within United Kingdom. Specially re-insured with the General Accident Fire and Life Assurance Corporation, Limited Chief Offices-General Buildings, Perth, Scotland. ondon ( 9-10 King st, Cheapside, E.C. Z" Offices: ( 13 Pall Mail, S.W. F. NORIE MILLER, J.P., Genl. Manager, to whom, on behalf of the proprietors. Notice of Claims under the following conditions mubt be sent within seven daya of icoident. ,I W Jpl A A HUN;'BED POUNDS will be wlUU paid to the next of kin of any person MwasaaraBBa who is killed by ETi accident to the tmgar train in which the deceased was travelling '.18 a ticket- bearing or paying passenger, or who shall have been fatilly injured thereby, dhoutd death result within one calender month after such accident. Provid- ed that the person so killed or injured had upon his or her persoi) this page, with his or her usual | BSguatnse, written prior to the accident, in the space provided below, which, together with the giving of notice within seven days to the above Corporation, is the essence of this contract. This Insurance only applies to persons o ver 14 and under 65 years of age, and holds good for the •a-Trent iSliue only. No person can recover under one Coupon Ticket in respect of the same risk. Signature This Coupon must not be cut out, but left intact in the Rhos Herald As that, being dited, forms the only evidefice of its currency. GRAZING LAND. GRAZING LAND to let at Cae Enion Apply R. ROBERTS, 46 Hall Street, Rhos. DRAW POSTPONED THE DRAW for a Lady's Bicycle by Isaac Jones, Mount Pleasant, Pon- key, has been postponed until May 18. TO TRADESMEN, &c. YOUNG MAN with two days' spare time would be pleased to assist Tradesmen, &c., with their books, or to collect unpaid Bills, &c. Excellent refer- ences.—For terms write X, Herald Office NOTICE MRS M. HUXLEY JONES is pre- prepared to take Maternity Cases Central Mid-wives Board and Bitkenhead Maternity Hospital Certificates, -Address Caia Farm, Rhos, Ruabon. FOR SALE. 1 AAA GOOD BUSINESS ENVEL- JLUUU OPES for 2/6.—Call and see same at Herald Office. FOR SALE T7HJNERAL STOCK. Second Hand Hearses, £ 30; 20 ne>v patterns; landaus, 4-40 Hansoms, 620 Brnkes easy terms. Catalogues.-SlARSTO¡'S Bradford Street, Birmingham- ESTABLISHED 1898. ASSISTANT INSPECTORS OF OF MINES. Mine Managers' Exams., Scholarships, and Associateship in MINING, &c,, Candidates prepared. Private Lessons hy Post. Geology, Min- ings Engineering, Electricity and Survey- ing. Certificates awarded. Write for Syllabus. CAMBRIAN MINING SCHOOL, Gbnffrwd, Porth, Glam. Rhos Public Hall. A GRAND '? BENEFIT CONCERT jttc< Will be held at the above place On Monday, May 17th. The following will take part :— Soprano, Miss M. E. JONES. Tenor, Mr E. W. BELLIS. Baritone, Mr TOM WILLIAMS. EXCELSIOR GLEE PARTY (Winners Llangollen Nat Eisteddfod) Conductor, Mr Joseph Bellis. Accompanist, Mr J. C. Poweil. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7-30. FRONT SEATS, is, SECOND, 6d. Proceeds in aid of Mr Ben Thomas, Campbell Street, Rhos. VOICE PRODUCTION IIlt POWELL EDWARDS BEGS, to* announce that he now gives lessons in VOICE PRODUCTION and SMeBtG Terms moderate.—Apply MARKET STREET, RHOS. F5TEJRS of every description in black surf colours at the Herald Office. l Meetings lÈ Entertainments i. Rhos Section Llangollen Nation- i. al Eisteddfod Choir. A MEETING of the members of the above choir will be held at the Pub- lie Hail, Rhos, on Tuesday Evening May 18th, when the question of the sur- plus will be decided. AH members are re- quested to attend To commence at 7 p. m J. T EDWARDS, Sec. RHOS NATIONAL SCHOOL. The children of the above school will give a miscellaneous School = Concert consisting of PART SONGS, ACTION SONGS, CHARACTER SKETCHES, DRILLS and TABLEAUX, Thursday & Friday Evenings May 21 and 22, '09. Doors open at 7, commence at 7-30. ADMISSION- Thursday, Front Seats, 2s Second, is. Friday, Front Seats, is Second, 6d. Capel Penuel, BfeosIIanerchrugog Sraddodir Darlitl] Ar y testyn PENNOD YN HANES CYMRU GAN WM. JONES, Ysw., A.S. Nos Sadwm, Mai 22, 1909. Cadeirydd, E. Hughes, Ysw., Gwrecsam. Drysau yn agored, 6-50, dechreuir 7. Tocynau, Blaensedd, is Oisedd, 6ch. EISTEDDFOD CAERQWRLE yr bon a gynholir. mewn pabell eang i eistedd 1500 o bobl ¡ Gwyl y Bane, Awst 2U, 1909. Beirniad Cerddorol- R. D. GLYN ROBERTS, Ys., Mas. Doc. I-Comn Meibion (heb fod dan 3 ) mewn nifer) Y Dwyfol Fab' (Jenkins). Gwobr, dgiO a 'Rob- erta Pafeetot Watch Metronome' i'r Arweinydd 2-Corau Cymysg (heb fod dan 30 mewn nifer) Cwsg, Filwr, Cwsg (J H Roberts) Gwobr ES a 'Gems of Welsh Metody i'r Arweinydd 3-Corau Plant (heb fod dan 25 mewn nifer ac o dan lft oed) Y Fordaith' (Sopkin Evans) Gwo- br d63 a Chromatic Pitch Pipe i'r Arweiaydd 4-Beindorf Pres nen A.rian—' Sosgs of other days (Round) Gwobr £5 5-March, The Sea Lion' (iiotind) GwobrCl Is Unawdan Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, £1 la yr un Hefyd Pedwarawd, Deuawd, Adroddiadau, &e. Rhestr o'r Testynaa, Pris Ie, i'w oael yn Swyddfa'r Herald, nea trwy'r Llythyrdy, lie gan EDWARD ROBERTS, Ysg. 3 The Quarry, Castle Street, Caergwrle. LLANFAIR D.C. EISTEDDFOD Thursday, June 10, 1909. + Musical Adjudicator: JOHN WILLIAMS, Esq., Carnarvon. Conductor: LLIFON. Male Voice Choirs—" Milwyr Rhufeinig" (Roman Soldiers) (Dan Protheroe). Prize, £ 8. Mixed Choirs-Anthem, 11 Clodforaf Di 0 Ar- glwydd" (I will praise Thee 0 Lord) (Tom Price). Pi;ize £ o. Party- I I Blodouyu Bach wyf fi mewn Gardd," (Gwilym Gwent). Prize, C2. Challenge Solo-Prize J:3 3s. Challenge Recitation- Fli-ze, £ 1 5s. Also Quartette, Duetts, Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone Solos. For particulars, sea pro- grammes, free from Secretaries— ELLIS & DAVIES, Gareg Lwyd, & Llanfair, D.C. :> GEORGE BURROWS, Teacher of Singing, (Late pupil of SMALLWOOD METCALFE, Choral Master to HIUlRY J. WOOD, Queen's Hall, London, Master of Music Franco-British Exhibition), VISITS RHOS EACH WEEK. ■* k Chirk* Ruabon, Hawarden Friendly Society's DEMONSTRATION The Members of the Shepherds and Druids Lodge will (by kind permission of W. G. C. Gladstone, Esq.) hold their Anniversary in 3° £ a^i»r £ &.2?ci@ia. Pax-k, On. mririt- 'OS TWO PRIZE BANDS have been engaged to play for Dancing from 3 to 9 p.m. Grand Choral Competitions For Mixed and Male Choirs. Silver Challenge Bowl and Cup also £ 35 in Cash Prizes. Special Engagement of the famous Wingates Temperance Prise Band Winners of JMOOU in Prizes. Winners of the 1,000 gns. National Trophy 1906 and 1907, Three hours performance. Dont fail to hear this splendid Band. Grand Athletic Sports Prizes value R22. For particulars apply J. Garratt, Avondale, Queensferry, Flint, J. Dut- ton, Sandycroft, Chester. Entries close May 22 FOOTBALL MEDAL COMPETITION Two sets of Medals. Special engagement of Prof ROBERTO, Con- juror and Ventriloquist, and Punch and Judy Shows. Park opens at 9 a m. ADMISSION, SIXPENCE EACH. Three Large Refreshment Tents under separate management. THOS. ELLIS, Hawarden, Sec. CHIRK AND DISTRICT CHORAL SOCIETY. A Grand Performance of Sterndale Bennett's popular Cantata, "THE MAY QUEEN" Will be given by the above Society Monday Evening, May 17, 1909 at Chirk Parish Hall. Principals :— MISS HARRIETTE EGAN, Soprano MISS EDITH DAVIES, (Chirk) MR J. WATKIN HUGHES, Tenor MR POWELL EDWARDS, Baritone Accompanist, Mr G. Burrows. Conductor, Mr G. W. Hughes, G. & L. Chairman, Lord Trevor. Doors open 7, to commence 7-30. Admission-Reserved Seats, 2/6; Second Seats, 1/6; Third Seats, i/- (

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