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EPITOME OF NEWS A former patient of the Gordon Hospital in Vauxhail Bridge-road, London, whose name is un- known, was said, at the annual meeting of sub- scribers to have left £ 100 ra bank-notes in the collecting-box at the entrance. Although Ernest Juggisg, & chauffeur, pleaded at the Highgate PoKce-eourt that when the police stopped him he was taking a doctor from St. Albans to London to attend a child, he was .fined 10s. for exceeding the, speed limit. Becausesbe refused to pay her Govern i-nent.t&xes a suffragette passive resister, named M's. Rose Hyland, a wealthy lady mcich respected in public life at Manchester, and a member of the board of guardians, had some of her goods seized at,her house in Victoria Parle, Manchester. Five persons were killed at Sehoenebeck-on- Elbe and one was severeiv injured by an explosion caused by a fire in the alcohol-room at the Allen- dorf gun-powder cartridge iaetory. Much damage was also done. On charges offaIgepretencPHaod fraud liamilton Stanley Cree, writer on H M.S. Mars, was sen- tenced at Devonport to twelve inon tits' imprison- ment and to be dismissed the service. Cree bore a good character, and held certificates for gunnery and first aid. According to a telegram from Toulon to the Paris Matin." the French submarine flotilla there has done some splendid coast defence work during the manoeuvres. Several of the attacking vessels, including the trattlestiips Suffreu and Bouvines, were hit by dummy torpedoes fired by the sub- man nes. Mrs. Cecilia Harris, the wridowr who was attacked by a man and shot at her toxic-ty iiiotintain farm near Abersychan two months ago, died in Ponty- pooi Hospital. John Edmunds, a collier, has been committed for trial sa eouneefcion witit the affiir. At the inquest at BucJdersWdoa Alice Priscilla Green, her hiisixtnd, Mark Green, a labourer, was committed for trial on the coroner's warrant. Later at the Police-court the Chief Constable asked for a committal on a charge of murder. Green was rema-ndedL An amendment waa carried m Committee on the Scottish Temperance Bill preventing the sale of drink in licensed houses before 10 a.m. Public- houses in Scotland: at present open at 8 a.m. and close at ten in the cities. The Bill will thus make a twelve-hour day. An arrangement by which it will be possible for a traveller to journey by motor-omnibus from Harringay to Sidenp, a distance of twenty miles, for one shilling, has been arrived at between the Combine Motor-Oinnibas CampAuy and Messrs. Tilling. Mr. F. C. Bartlett, who has retired from the position of foreman in Windsor Great Park after 48 years'service, was the recipient of an illuminated address and purse of gold from Crown officials and past and present Park workmen. PrinceiChristian made the presentation. By permission of the Duke and iDucheFis of Sutherland a drawing-room meeting was held at Stafford House to further the objects of the Normyl Treatment Association. The Bishop of Chichester presided, and said that to his mind they had found in the Normyl treatment for alcoholism somethiug for which they had beea looking a long time. Six villas at Corn greaves, Cradley Heath, Staffs, in which eleven persons had been nearly suffocated by noxious fumes coming from subterranean fires in disused colliery wotking*, were.declared unfit for occupation by the sanitw-y auUaaritiefi. The tenants left &t onces. Kepresentatives of the Admiralty, including Sir Edward Rahan, Director of Works, and Admiral Ommaney, of Portsmouth, visited the new deep-water dock under construction at linmingham, near Griniaby. The dimensions of the dock are such that ve-sels of the Dreadoought class could enter or leave at any afcate of the tide. Mr. Gautrey related at the London (County Council Education Committee meeting that before a proposed teachers' room in Camberwell had been erected the furniture arrived, men had been to lay the linoleum, and others had called to fix the blinds and left promising to eanagain when the building was erected. Lord Redesdale has undertaken to prepare a list of the plants grown in Shakespeare's birth- place garden," which contains the flours and shrubs mentioned in the poet's plays. Trying to avoid a motor-omnibus atilondon. wall, William Vanderstein stumbled over the kerb, and the back" heel of the omnibus passed over him, causing his death. Speaking at the Royal Horticultural Hall Sir Victor Horsley said that the twenty years to get a new idea into the medical profession had now dwindled to about ten. "It is most unfortunate that anyone should be so ignorant as to throw water aver a person whose clothing has caught fire," said the North Warwickshire eoroner at an inquest. The first steamer built under Sir Christopher Furness's co-partnership sebeote was launched at Hartlepool. Dr. Macuamara, Secretary to the Admiralty, said it toatked an epoch in British industrialism. The Home Becrebory decided dmt in the ease of William Joseph Foy, eouier,, sentenced to death for the murder. at Merthyr Tydfil of a woman known as "Sloppy," the law maatt take its course. Prebendary L.J. Fish, chaplain of St. Andrew's, Biarritz, and formerly vicar of Ssthampton, near Bath, has accepted the Atdhdeaeowry of Bath, rendered vacant by the ,of the Rev. Hilton Bothamley. The poor district of St Martus, Lower Edmon- ton, has been selected for the erection of a,<ehurch, church hall, and vicarage under the fceguest of 91-110,000, which is also to etwer endowment, left by the late Miss Mason, of St. Loonards. Mr. T. R. Sydenham Jonet, barriste* was awarded 10 guineas damages in the derkenwell County Court against barber, whose assistant had cut a piece off his ear while etttti ng bis hair. Two years ago I owned twenty-two cabs and thirty-three horses," nzaa told the ifaryleboha County Court judge, "Noor I not a single cab, and J owe £ 500." Six workmen tried in vain to reaeae one of their comrades named George Jaehsost, who was killed by carbonic add fumes while esiga^sd ia sewage works at Southampton. A young man named Janes Murray hae been arrested in Mew York M s ekmrge of stealing 139 tons of steel from a new bridge. It Is stoted that he hired a steam fighetr, a OHM, and carry out the theft. The dead body of a JØaII was discovered on the beach near Lowestoft. The OMIF article of clothing was a woollen stocking. The remains ase supposed to be those of a fisherman. The dead body of woman, apparently about forty years of age, was found in an outhouse on a farm near CraJD Northumberland. There were serious injunes oxt the head jtad this faqji. < t