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THE GREAT WESTERN tID METROPOLITAH DAIRIES, LIMITED. sritk THE LARGEST WHOLESALE MILK CONTRACTORS IN LONDON, f Guarantee a supply of Pure Milk to Dairymen. For Terms and Particulars Apply- ( 9, HARROW ROAD, PADDINGTON, LONDO TELEPHONE: 229 PADDINGTON. "^A7"-0- ——»■I- —*•—-SR T. R. THOMAS & CO., Dairy Transfer Agents & Licensed Valuers, 143, STRAND, W.C. West E d-Corner. Retailing 82 gls. dy. 4d., less little 3d. (16 gls. over counter); goods 232 wk.; net rent £33. 21600. 1 Xennington-Old estd. 60 gls. dy. 4d. on 3 rounds large commodious premises, with dairy, large yard, stabling, &c.; rent £50. 2800. Bayswater—34 gls. dy. 4d. all on 1 pram round counter trade 630 wk.; good premises long lease 2525. Any trial offered. Putney-Good position; 40 gls. dy. 4d.; 2 prams; goods 212 wk.; pretty shop and house good back premises rent £ 50. 2400. Clapton-40 gls. dy. 4d.; counter trade 218 wk.; 2 rounds pretty shop, nice house, yard, &c.; rent 235; good lease. 9470. danonbury—Old estd. 46 gls. daily on 2 prams; shop E15 wk.; nice shop, house, yard, stabling, outbuildings, &c.; low rent. e430. Cricklewood-32 gls. dly. 4d.; and taking 212 wk. in butter, eggs, &c.; splendid shop and 9 rooms; good position; lease £425. Xensington-28 gls. dly. 4d.; shop 210 wkly.; pram round; nice shop and house; rent 216; let £13; long lease, 2300; trial. ,Balham (nr.)-New estate; 17 gals. dly. all 4d., shop 210 wk., pram, churn, &c., pretty corner shop, nice house, low rent [150. TELEPHONE 2078 GERRARD. I H. WILLINGS & CO., Recognised Agents & Valuers to the Hfilk Trade, 125, FLEET STREET, E.G. TELEPHONE: 150 HOLBORN. "West Sub —15i barns daily at 4d.; shop £ 14 to £ 16 weekly. Marble and tiled shop, good house, &c. Price £380. Kensinffton—barns daily at 4d.; one pram. Goods £ 10 to £ 12 weekly. Rent £ 46. Lease. Price £300. "Hackney-Old estd. Same family years. 8 barns daily at 4d.; 5 cows; one pram. £ 270. Elephant and Castle, near-Trade £40 weekly over counter. Same hands 11 years. No Bacon. Price £ 200. Offer. Walham Green-8 barns daily at 4d.; shop 28 to 210 weekly. Fine premises. Rent well let. 17 c) Fulham-18 barns daily 4d. Shop 920. One pram. Wages 12s. Rent E55, let off 6s. wk. Price 2520 Vauxhall, near-24 barns daily at 4d. Shop zC12 weekly. Pram rounds. Good premises and posi- tion. Price 2400. Selection. ,6 Miles out-24 barns 4d., shop 920, prams.. £ 375 Near in—20 barns 4d., shop 218, 2 rounds 2470 West—23 barns 4d„ shop £ 17, prams £ 520 Islington—'20 barns 4d., shop E6,12 cows 2650 Fmsbury Park—10 barns 4d.; shop 28; pram 9250 West—18 barns 4d.; shop £ 16 2 prams £ 450 Regent's Pk.-12 barns 4d., shop Ell, pram 2300 Putney—20 barns 4d., shop 215, 2 prams £ 450 S.W—17 barns 4d.; shop 220; 2 prams £ 400 E C — 20 barns 4d., shop 2 18, 2 prams £ 550 Clapham-9i barns 4d.; shop 27; przim 9130 Islington—12& barns 4d., shop 914, prain 2250 Full details of H. WILLINGS & Co., as above. D. COOKSEY & SON, Inexpensive and Modern Funerals. (Price;List on application.) 266, UPPER STREET, ISLINGTON, and 52, AMWELL STREET, PENTONVILLE. Carriage Department 97. CHAPEL STREET, Telephone Nos. 30 and 601, NORTH j SALES AND WANTS. All advertisements for this column should be accompanied by remittance in fall, and must reach the office not later than by first post WEDNESDAY morning. Replies may be sent to "Box at this office, to be called for, or will be re-addressed to advertisers, in which case a stamped reply envelope should be enclosed with advertisement. In the case of all accepted advertisements not accompanied with a remittance in full SIXPENCE per line per insertion will be charged. Postal orders to be made payable at 302, Gray's Inn Road. Half-penny stamps received for sums under one shilling, Telephone No. 11854 P.O. Central. Houses or Apartments to let or wanted Situations vacant or wanted Houses, Businesses, Articles, &c., for sale or wanted will be charged at the following cheap rates 12 words. Once 6d. Three times Il- 20 „ Sd. 11 11 1/6 28 „ 1/- » » 2/- 36 1/3 19 2/6 Every additional 8 words „ 3d. 11 6d CELT Offices: 302, GRAY'S INN ROAD, LONDON, W.C. SITUATIONS VACANT & WANTED ANTED, a Young Lady for Housework and little W in the Shop. Must have good reference. Apply 26, Nile Street, Hoxton. 22 AIRY.-Wanted, experienced Young Lady for U Housework and Assist in Shop. Good refer- ences indispensible.-2, Maury Road, Stoke Newing- ton. D133-29 AIRY.-Wanted, a Young Woman for Housework U and Assist in Shop. Good references. Apply James, 3, Okehampton Road, Kensal Rise. D136-5 YOUNG Lady wanted to do Housework and assist L in Shop, with good reference. Apply Box 137, CELT Office, 302, Gray's Inn Road. D137-22 WANTED, by a young man, a Situation as a W Milkman. Apply R. Davies, 67, Downham Road, N. 5-5 WANTED, a respectable young girl as servant in business house (drapers). Apply Housekeeper, 24-25, Station Parade, Leytonstone, N.E. 22-4 DAIRY & Provision.—Young Lady wanted for housework and assist in shop Also experienced young lady, with good reference, to manage a dairy. Apply 114, Lambeth Walk. 22-4 WANTED, respectable girl for housework and assist in shop occasionally. Apply Edwards, 3, Crispin Street, Brushfield Street, E. 5-5 AIRY.-Wanted a young lady for housework and assist in shop. Must have good references. Apply Jones, 79, Tyneham Road, Lavender Hill, S.W. 5-5 AIRY.-Wanted, a young woman for housework. t Good references. Apply Davies, 95, Charlwood Street, Victoria, S.W. 5-5 TANTED, young girl, about 15, to look after bab y VY Apply 23, Francis Street, Tottenham Court Road. 29-4 MISCELLANEOUS. AGENTS WANTED.—Apply D. Davies, South /1 Wales Manager, British Widows' Assurance Company, Cardiff. THE "KELT" in Cardiff.—The public of Cardiff and district are informed that they can get the KELT every Friday at Smith's Bookstall, Cardiff. D100 THE KELT may be obtained every Friday from Jack Edwards, Bookseller, Great Dargate Street, Aberystwyth. A STROLOGY.-Two years' events. Send birth- fi date and 1/- P.O.-Gould, Butleigh, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff. ARTIFICIAL Legs, Hands, or Part Hands, Leg 1JL Irons, Trusses. Makers of Steelless Easifit Truss. List free. Lady attendant. Estd. 1838.— Allen Pearce, 23, Charles Street, Cardiff. Nat. Tel. 1282. GLAMORGAN MEN in London should buy the Glamorgan County Times. Bright and readable. Full page illustrations. Every Friday. One penny. HYFRYDINE whitens teeth, scents breath. It is antiseptic, cleansing, refreshing, and highly pleasing to the taste. 6d. per tin, 7d. post free.— Treharne Howell, Chemist, 54, Bridge St., Newport. WILLIAM DAVIES, Dairy and Transfer Agent to the ilk Trade. 160, HIGH HOLBORN. City.—83 barns 4d. & 3d, shop 220, profitble. zCI,100 28 barns 4d. and 5d,, shop 220, profitable £ 700 Highgate.-22 barns at 4d., shop 210, cheap.. £ 370 E.—18 barns 4d., shop 210, very much neglected 2320 S.W.-25 barns all 4d., shop 218, good premises P,600 S.W.-14 barns 4d., shop 220, call for bargain 2275 S.W.-ll barns 4d., shop J635, good district jE240 S.W.—9 barns 4d., shop 223 pram, excellent 2200 Others good and cheap in all parts. Come to Davies for Genuine Milk Businesses, have had years' experiences. Indoors.—General weekly takings 225, only 260 for quick sale, others in dairy and generals in abundance, call and see, have sold several lately. Sellers kindly send your businesses to me for quick sale. I have clients up to 22,000 ready to pur- chase for cash. Buyers, you would do well to consult me before buying, when you can depend good advice given. BIRGER'S iWFlKFXlll +r» 8 o I @ en i J en a; J W 51 m < j Z ¡ -L7 t 0 LL w 0 :I: Ts J £ DWM^ | | 3 & manufacturers, > Nf SO.Redcliff Street, cc 1 f BRISTOL. g +a To be obtained at the Shops of MR. J. NETTEN, Cigar Importer, KING'S CROSS.