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THIS C3 ES NT RAL INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. Guaranteed by the Liverpool and London & Globe Insurance Co. Assets exceed 911,000,000. Fire, Burglary, Workmen's Compensation, Accidents, Third Party Indemnity, Plate Glass, Loss of Profits, &c., &c. Write for Prospectus: Head Office-1, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.G. HUGH LEWIS, Manager and Secretary. bbBIGMTS, LTD., FOR tRTiriCUL TEETH. SPECIAL TERMS FOR WELSH PEOPLE Country Visitors are invited to call for Expeditious Work completed in a few hours 25 Expert Mechanics on the premises. 42, BISHOPSGATE WITHOUT, CITY. (near Liverpool Street Station.) NOTE NAME BEFORE ENTERING. 'Buses from all parts of London and Suburbs pass the door. SIA.REDIR CYRRAE,, 03 YN FWY DYMUNOL EGL WYS Y BEDYDDWYR HEOL = Y = CASTELL, W. 1859-1909. CYNHELIR ——— yfarfodydd i ddathlu I" Jiwbili yr Eglwys Sul a Llun, Mai yr 2 a'r 3. 1I!lI"'I!I!11111"'IJII"1)!11"lII"'IUII"II!(I"It!(tI"!jI1\tl"t¡l\I"(1t!It'I«fi'II'IfIC"'IK!I"U('(!t'{\I!I\! Pregethir y Sul, boreu a hwyr, gan y Parch. A. J. PARRY, D.O.; a'r Parch. EVAN THOMAS, Ealing (yn Saesneg) yn y prydnawn, am 3 o'r gloch. Cyfarfodydd Cyhoeddus NOS LUN, pan y disgwylir Cynrychiolwyr o'r gwahanol Enwadau i Siarad. Danteithion am 7 o'r gloch, a'r Cyfarfod i ddechreu am 8. — Gwatjoddiad cynnes i Gymry Llundaiq.—