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M.A.P. says of Sir Samuel Evans He is the son of poor Welsh folk, and was brought up in humble surroundings. He has risen to his present position by sheer hard work and perseverance. A typical Celt, he has all the Welshman's love of humour. He has told of how on one occasion he asked a man who had sat on several juries, Who influenced you most, the lawyers, the witnesses, or the judge ? From so experienced a juryman he expected to get some interesting information. "This is the way I make up my mind," said the man, "I am a plain chap and a reasonin' one, and I'm not influenced by anything the lawyers say, no, nor by what the judge says. I just look at the man in the dock, and I ask myself, If lie hasn't done anything, why i he there ? And I bring him in guilty." WHEN the Druids, as a religious sect, were extirpated, their last refuge was Mona, the principal seat of their superstitious rites, where they vainly imagined the Deity would afford them an invulnerable shield against the Roman arms.