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Notes and News.


Notes and News. MR. IIEMMERDE, M.P., has been appointed Recorder of Liverpool. THIS will necessitate a re election, but Denbighshire is quite safe for the Liberals. MADAME ADELINA PATTI will be one of the presidents at the Welsh National Eisteddfod in London. MANY Americans are coming over to the London Eisteddfod in June, and among them will be Cynonfardd," whose services as conductor has been secured. MR. LLEWELYN WILLIAMS, M.P., gave a most interesting and instructive address at the St. David's Day dinner at Pontypridd. Mr Williams said he was glad to note that the Welsh people were now beginning to appreciate the fact that the greatest gift which Providence had ever given the nation was its language. Wales had lost splendid portions of country where in times past the Welsh language flourished. The question of greatest concern to the Welsh, in his opinion, was the preservation and proper use of the Welsh language. It was not a ques- tion of sentiment, but the future welfare of the nation depended upon it. SIR JOHN BENN, M.P., is anxious to re- introduce a Prayer for Landlords into the Church service, and a Welsh correspondent in the Guardian suggests that a prayer for the Welsh Church be added to the Liturgy. We are of opinion that both are past praying for. A BILL to meddle with our clocks has passed its second reading in the House of Commons. Would it not be better to abolish them altogether, because at the present time you can never find any two of our public timekeepers in agreement as to the exact hour of the day. MR. JOSEPH HOCKING created a scene at Swansea when he declared that the Press of the country was gradually being controlled by Roman Catholics. Anyone who has an intimate knowledge of Fleet Street knows full well the vast number of Catholics that are among the ranks of journalists. THE Welsh Church Commission is hope lessly divided as to what kind of Report it shall issue. Several meetings of the Com- missioners have been held, and the probable result will be that a majority and minority report will be published. The draft report, as issued by the chairman, was a disap- pointing, colourless, document one that might have emanated from an ignorant Saxon, but not the production that was expected from a scholar and thinker as Lord Justice Vaughan Williams. MR. E. EVANS, the retiring President of the Union Society at Cambridge, has gone out of office in a blaze of glory, and has suc- ceeded in obtaining a majority for his motion on Thursday night, approving of the imme- diate disestablishment of the Church of England in Wales, by the sheer force of his personal popularity. It has been a memor- able term for Mr. Evans. He has been entertained by the University Welsh Society at a complimentary dinner; and had the honour of presiding, as President of the University Liberal Club, at the joint inper with the Eighty Club, at which Mr. Birrell was the guest of the evening. Mr Evans has been succeeded by Mr. A. D. McNair, of Caius. MR. BEDDOE REES, the famous architect of Glamorgan, has decided to devote a large proportion of his leisure time in future to politics, and no doubt his architectural ex- perience will greatly enhance the construc- tive power of the Liberal Party, should a convenient and worthy seat be secured for him.