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JALU DYLEDION OAPELAU Y TBEFNYDDION CALFINA.IDD LXjTJisrxDJLinsr. CYNHELIR yf d h Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus ynglyn a'r mater uchod yng Nghapel CHARING CROSS- ROAD Nos Iau, Mawrth 18, 1909 0 6.30 tan 8 o'r gloch, croesawir pawb i de yn yr Hall o dan y Capel. Am 8 o'r gloch, cymerir y Gadair gan JAMES RICHARDS, Ysw., ac anerchir y Cyfarfod gan DAVID DAVIES, YSW., Llandinam. TIMOTHY DAVIES, YSW., A.S. HOWELL J. WILLIAMS, YSW., Y.H.O.S.LL. E. VINCENT EVANS, YSW. ynghyd a rhai o Weinidogion Llundain. DAIRY OUTFIT Co., Ltd., KING'S CROSS, LONDON. CHEAPEST AND BEST DAIRY APPLIANCES. -J-.f-r- r_f-J,r-J' r-f" 'f' STANDARD MILK CANS. 1 gill & gill, per doz. 6/0 See the Trade Mark on the Hinge of every Can. pint 6/6 pint „ 7/0 quart „ 13/0 [ /THF? If f „ /MILK/STANDARD/ 3 pints „ 20/0 ? CAN 2 quarts „ 22/0 TRADEMAR^ 3 quarts 32/6 j 4 quarts „ 42/6 J 5 quarts 55/0 6 quarts „ 64/0 As the Hall-mark on silver, so the above Trade Mark is the guarantee of quality. Any number of cans, however small-or large- delivered promptly by our own motor van.

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