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Notes and News.


Notes and News. MR. ASQUITH, Mr. Balfour, Mr. Lloyd George, and Mr. S. T. Evans, are among the elected presidents of the National Eisteddfod in London. THIS means that the Welsh musical festival will be turned into a grand Suffra- gette demonstration unless the London Committee be very much awake. IN order to make peace with the female disturbers, would it not be wise on the part of Eifionydd to admit Mrs. Pankhurst into the full rites of the Gorsedd circle. THIS Saturday evening a grand Welsh concert will be held at the Castle Street Chapel, when" an address will be delivered by the Right Hon. D. Lloyd George. All the proceedings on this occasion will be in Welsh. THE annual Welsh dinner at the Hotel Cecil on Monday next promises to be un- usually interesting. Several of the Welsh M.P.'s, and other social leaders have pro- mised to attend, and good speeches are anticipated. CAN Cynonfardd be induced to come to London in June, in time for the National Eisteddfod. It will be necessary to have two or three able conductors, and we have only one in Britain, viz., Llew Tegid. MR. J. D. REES is inclined to be a Tariff Reformer. At least in a recent speech be- fore his constituents he declared that some additional tariffs will have to be imposed if Britain is to maintain its position in the commercial world. MR. REES is not content with only being a representative of the electors of Montgomery. On the first night of the opening of Parlia- ment he delivered a stirring speech survey- ing the political difficulties that confront us in India, Persia, Arabia, and other places. As yet the other Welsh M.P.'s have had but a slight chance to express their gratitude to the Liberal Government for promising the Welsh Disestablishment Bill. Possibly they will do so-in different terms-at the end of the Session WELSH religious services are held every Sunday in Cambridge by Welsh under- graduates at the University. The leaders are the president of the Union, Mr. Ernest Evans, of Aberystwyth, and Mr. Lloyd George, son of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The services are being well attended. GAYNOR HUGHES, "the Welsh fasting girl," was born at Llandderfel. For eight years she lived," according to an old chronicler, without any other sustenance than a spoon- ful of water per day; having not the least desire for food of any kind, and not feeling the smallest pain." She was 35 years of age when she died. THE oldest Baptist minister in the country is the Rev. Evan Edwards, of Torquay, who was 95 years old last week. THE Germans have ignored Wales. Five new streets in Berlin are to be named after British cities, viz., London and Liverpool, England Dublin, Ireland; and Glasgow, Scotland. Surely Cardiff, as the Welsh capital, ought to have been included. MR. GEORGE MEREDITH, who readily admits his Cymric nationality, has just celebrated his 81st birthday. On the occasion he rose, as usual, at seven, and took a drive in his pony chaise during the day. ACCORDING to the Christian IV olld, the Rev. A. T. Guttery has publicly announced his intention to raise a protest at the National Free Church Council, at Swansea, against Nonconformist leaders, however honoured, negotiating and compromising their princi- ples for political purposes in the name of Nonconformity. Sensible people will approve of the reverend gentleman's intention.