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Notes and News.


Notes and News. PEMBROKESHIRE contest has beenunusualJj keen, and both sides on Thursday evening claimed a victory. LIBERALISM in Wales will have to wake up The Conservative candidates are going tc pose as Welsh Nationalists in future. IT is announced from the Conserva- tive headquarters that every seat in Wales will be contested at the next General Election. In several divisions a three-cornered fight will improve the chance of a Tory success. WRITING to Mr. Lort Williams early this week, Mr. Chamberlain said :— "Heartily wish you success in uphill fight. Wales has suffered more than most by Free Trade so-called. I cannot believe that the working man will be less wise in Wales than in England, where the call for Tariff Reform has become almost unanimous." THE International Sports were opened at the Franco-British Exhibition on Monday last, the King and Queen being present to give a hearty send-off to the thousands of competitors. Some inter- esting events in the world of sport will be decided during the present fortnight. We notice that nearly every kind of competition will be held at the Stadium in these international contests-but why not a musical and choral contest ? There would be a chance for Wales to show her prowess then MR. EDWARD JENKINS, of Gwalia, has discovered an unpublished song by the late R. S. Hughes, and it is believed to be the lasl written by that distinguished and favourite composer. It is entitled Blodau Paradw} s': (The Flowers of Paradise), and it is shortly tc be issued by Mr. David Jenkins, Mus. Bac. MISS LAURA EVANS, the new Welsh soprano, gave an excellent concert at Bechstein Hall last Thursday, and the critics speak very highly of her capabilities. Miss Evans is a native of Henllan. She has already been engaged for the Llangollen Eisteddfod Con- certs in September. THE committee of the National Eisteddfod, to be held at Llangollen this year, having decided not to apply for a licence to sell liquor in the Eisteddfod grounds, a private licensed victualler, concerned about the comfort of the r public, the police, and the bards who are not > teetotalers, asked the Justices for a licence for a field adjoining the Eisteddfod ground. The police refused to approve of the applica- tion the Eisteddfod Committee appeared to > press their opposition to it, and the Justices rejected the application. I MISS LAURA EVANS. > The New Welsh Soprano. I I THERE is no use ignoring the fact that Welsh Disestablishment is not now a burning question in Wales," writes a South Wales correspondent. Anybody whose daily I business is within the Principality, and who 7 mixes with the people, can see that the majority of the people are quite indifferent to the matter. The Anglican Church is certainly working more assiduously to-day in Wales than she ever did before." WE notice that the libel proceedings which had been taken by Mr. Gwilym Owen, coal exporter, of Cannon Street, E.C., against the South Wales Daily News" has been settled out of Court, the proprietors of the paper having paid Mr. Owen a sum of money by way of damages, and published full apology in their paper. THE apology that appeared in Monday's issue of the paper was worded as follows :— "APOLOGY. Coal Firm's Cheque.' £ 1,200 for Girl Typist.' Affairs of Owen Bros.' With reference to a paragraph which appeared in our issue of October 10th last, headed as above. We very much regret that through an error the above heading appeared, for which there was jjj in fact no foundation, and we tender our sincere apologies to Mr. Gwilym Owen for its insertion. We have paid him a sum of money by way of damages and all solicitors' costs." HIS many Welsh friends will be pleased to hear that Mr. Owen has opened new offices at Cannon St., in the City of London, where he carries on his extensive business as coal exporter, as heretofore. PEMBROKESHIRE people will not forget the recent bye-election in a hurry. The jji gioss exaggerations by the various political speakers are something to be remembered. The Tariff Reformers" I especially stuck at nothing, and first B prize for inexactitudes" is easily awarded to them. VAGRANCY is on the increase in Car- diganshire. Here, for example, is a list of the number of vagrants relieved at the following Unions during the last quarter as compared with the same J period in 1907 :— 1907 1908 Aberystwith 410 613 Aberayron 465 670 Cardigan 328 495 Lampeter 457 507 Tregaron 234 312 No, neither Tariff Reform nor Protection will cure this vagrancy. The great majority of the vagrants belong to that class who shirk work, and drastic measures will be necessary ere they are cleared out of the country. THE members of the Cardiff Liberal Asso- ciation held their annual excursion last Saturday, when 1,000 persons visited London and spent a good day at the White City."