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IkT Notes and News.


Ik T Notes and News. ANOTHER Welsh M.P. retires! Sir George Newnes has announced to the Swansea Liberals that he will not seek re-election at the end of this Parliament. IT is to be hoped that the Swansea electo- rate will select a thorough-going Welsh nationalist for the next Parliament. Among those prominently mentioned, as a likely candidate, is Mr. J. Jay Williams. THE honorary degree of D.Litt. will be conferred on the Right Hon. D. Lloyd- George at the annual meeting of the Welsh University Court at Bangor in November next. MR. J. D. REES, M.P. for Montgomery, is in danger of losing his position as the only authority in the House of Commons on Indian questions. Since Mr. Keir Hardie paid a hurried trip to that land, the member for Merthyr has out-distanced Mr. J. D. Rees, both in questions and and in a clear definite knowledge of what the people of India require. MR. TIMOTHY DAVIES, M.P. has changed his residence from Pantycelyn, Putney, to Onslow Gardens, a house that will be more convenient to him for Parliamentary work. Last week Mr. and Mrs. Davies gave an At Home at the new residence, when a large number of distinguished friends were present. MR. VICTOR GRAYSON, M.P., tells an inter- esting life story in this week's M.A.P. As a lad, he with three others, decided to run away to foreign lands, and went as stowaways on a vessel bound for Coquimbo. After about three days' sail," he says, "I reported my- self with the rest to the captain, a kindly Welshman named Clay. His anger was Titanic his language luscious. He averred that it was only respect for the fishes that restrained him from throwing us over- board." THERE was a striking demonstration at Cardiff on Saturday in support of the Licensing Bill. Fully 11,000 men, women, and children took part in the procession, whilst there were 30,000 people at Cathays Park where the speeches took place.