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THE I CENTRAL INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. GUARANTEED BY THE Eifcrerpooi anfr Haitian aub (Sialic Insurants Ota. Assets exceed = = = £ 11,000,000. FIRE. BURGLARY. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION. PERSONAL ACCIDENT. THIRD PARTY INDEMNITY, Including Driving Accidents. 'PLATE GLASS, &c. i kTINDl V 1 sPec5a8 attention is called to the Company's FORE- I SHOST" Personal Accident & Disease Policy, which WRITE FOR I provides for Free Medical Attendance of Assured's I 1 own Doctor, in addition to the usual Compensation PROSPECTUS 1 for Accidents and Diseases. \1l Branch Office for THE LIVERPOOL LONDON & GLOBE for ————— LI FE — INSURANCE. Head Office: 1, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. HUGH LEWIS, Manager. _II BECHSTEIN HALL, WIGMORE STREET, W. r::¡ [] [] [] [] EJ [] EJ [] [] EJ EJ EJ C:J EJ [] EJ [] [] EJ EJ Q9S)- Mr. w Edward lies WILL INTRODUCE HIS PUPIL, Miss Laura Evans AT A Song Recital, ,i ON THURSDAY, JULY 9th, at 8 p.m. "ro.f" AT THE PIANO: JVIP. S. laUDDlaE. TICKETS—5/ 3f-, 2h 11-inay be obtained afe the Box Office, Bechstein HaJJ, and from Miss LAURA EVANS, 31, South End Road, Hampstead..


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