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The Welsh Club.



PUBLISHERS' NOTE. The Publishers of "The London Welsh- man and Kelt" will be pleased to hear from any Reader or Newsagent who ex- periences a difficulty, in obtaining this piper. To avoid any dela a standing order- should be given to a Newsagent, or at the Railway Bookstall, so that they can make the necessary arrangements to obtain a supply punctually each week. UNIVERSITY OF WALES. PRIFYSGOL CYMU Guild of Graduates. Literary Section. Gweithiau Morgan Llwyd o Wynedd. Dan olvgiaetn y diweddar Thomas E. Ellis, A.S. Vol. i. only ready, 3/6 net; by post 3/10. (VoL. ii. nearly all ready.) Llyfr y Tri Aderyn. Ad-argraffiad llythrennol o'r argratiiad cyntaf. 1/- net, by post 1/2. Oil Synwyr Pen Kembero: a collection of proverbs, published by W. Salesbury about 1547. Edited, and with introduction, by J. (fwenogfryu Evans, M.A., Hon. D.Litt. 2/6 net, by post 2/9. Yny Lhyvyr hwnn the Welsh Primer of 1546. Edited, and with introduction, by J. H. Davies, M.A. 2/i net, bv post 2/9. "Drych y pri foesoedd" (Theophiluss Evans, 1740). Edited, and with introduction, by S. J. Evans, M.A. 4/6 net, by post 4/11. School edition, with voluminous notes by the Editor, 1/6 net, by post 1/9. Deffynniad Ffydd Eglwys Loegr, 159;; (Maurice Kytfin). Editor: W. Prichard Williams, Bangor. (Nearly ready.) Jarvis & Foster, Publishers, Bangor, and all Booksellers. THE LONDON WELSHMAN AND KELT (CELT LLUNDAIN). A WELSH WEEKLY NEWSPAPER. Established 1895. The Official Organ of the London Welsh Community. Official or Leg -1 Announcements, Profes- sional Notices, Company Prospectuses, &c., will be charged at the rate of Sixpence a line per insertion. Eight lines to the inch. It circulates among the 50,000 Welsh residents in London, and has a large and influential circulation throughout Wales and the Provinces. TRADE ADVERTISEMENTS. Displayed. Per insertion :— Per Inch, in Column 2/6 „ Half Column 15/- Column 1/8/0 Page. 4/0/0 Reduction for a series oj 13 or more insertions. Special Position by Arrangement. WELSH PRINTERS, of every description in the most up-to-date styles. 211, Gray's Inn Road. The Editor invites correspondence. All letters must be signed with the full name of the writer, and the address must also be given, not neces- sarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith.