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TO COWKEEPERS AND DAIRYMEN OF LONDON. AN Association has been formed for the purpose (amongst others) of creating a feel- ing of union and fellowship among the dairymen of London to oppose legislation, or action by local authorities, prejudicial to the trade to afford opportunities for the dis- cussion of matters connected with the trade of the several districts of London to collect and disseminate (privately) information of interest to members, and to prevent, as far as possible, bad debts being incurred. There have been several complaints made of dairy- men not having a proper association to look after the objects and interests of their trade. This Association is formed to bring together dairymen, not of one district alone, but of the whole of London. All dairymen should join the Association, and so protect their interests in the trade. A general meeting will be held on Wed- nesday, the 10th inst., at the Mission Hall, Union Street. Shoreditch, when the rules will be furtht r discussed.


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