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"&,.T Notes and News.


"& T Notes and News. LONDON has had its share of sunshine this week. Is it because the Archdruid is coming here next week ? To hold the Gorsedd in the eye of the Sun, Light of day," will be a very easy matter if this brilliancy continues. Eos DAR ought to arrange for a whole set of new penillion" for the London pro- clamatioh. Caerludd justifies a special production from the bardic fraternity once in a life-time. How is it that Morien has not been asked to be present at the proclamation ? It would be interesting to hear him proving the connection between the Inner Temple and that of Solomon's or some Druidic Temple about ten thousand years before Noah's time DYFED promises to assert the right of the Welsh language at the Gorsedd, but it is rumoured that the banquet in the evening will comprise of the usual London-Welsh, display of Saxon eloquence. IT has been suggested that the Welsh Church Commission ought to hold its re- maining sittings according to the Gorsedd formula. Lord Justice Vaughan Williams would make a worthy Archdruid, Sir John Williams a good "corn gwlad," whilst Lord Hugh Cecil might, with a little effort, be transformed into the ubiquitous Eifionydd. LLWYD 0 WYNEDD is the bardic title of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but Messrs. John Hinds and J. Prichard Jones- as exchequer stewards of the Eisteddfod— have not yet been honoured with a bardic degree. Surely this omission will be righted next Wednesday. THE Nationalist has changed its colour this month. Its bright orange hue has turned into a decrepit grey-not a sign of decay and a spent life we trust! MR. LLOYD-GEORGE, according to Chambers Journal, is the strongest and most peculiar individuality that we have had in the House of Commons since Gladstone." LAST week a demonstration in favour of the Licensing Bill was held in Aberdare, when three prominent Welsh M.P.'s were advertised to be present. Not one of the trio pat in an appearance, so the meeting was turned to a condemnatory campaign against the stalwart-but absent—repre- sentatives THE inhabitants of the picturesque little town of Aberayron, on the Cardiganshire coast, are delighted with the forthcoming construction of the new light railway from Lampeter, which will link up their district with the busy industrial towns of the South, and indirectly with London. FISHGUARD, or Abergwaun, to give the place its Welsh name, is a town with a great future. There is no doubt but that before another 20 years have elapsed, Fishguard will have the biggest population of any town in West Wales, except Swansea and Car- marthen. THE Anglo-Welsh football team, which has opened its season in New Zealand so well, was described in the Daily Mail, and other London dailies, as the English team. LORD ABERDARE, it is understood, is giving up Longwood, the picturesque residence near Winchester, which he has occupied for so long a period and intends to make his home in the future at Duffryn, his own place in Glamorganshire. I HAD better speak in Welsh you won't understand me very well in English," said an elderly lady, as she entered the witness- stand at Bridgend County Court. You had better do your best in English," replied Mr. St. John Francis Williams. or else I shall not understand at all." Surely it is