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I&v Notes and News.


I& v Notes and News. THE two great features of the coming month The procession of Welsh Bards on the 10th, and the Suffragettes' march on the 13th. MR. LLOYD-GEORGE was greatly interrupted at Edinburgh on Saturday by women heck- lers. It was the vote they wanted, not Mr. Asquith's promises. EVERYBODY spoke French in London this week in honour of the visit of the President of the French Republic. Will they speak Welsh the week after next, when the Arch- druid of Wales comes among us in all his glory ? WITH Mr. D. A. Thomas revolting against the Education Bill, and Mr. Idris against the Licensing Bill there appears to be very little unity among the Welsh Party. Possibly they had not been discussing these two subjects at their occasional gatherings. The four Welsh bishops are expected to give evidence before the Church Commission next week. Theirs will be of a general nature, and will deal rather with the doc- trinal than the statistical feature of the Establishment. MR. E. VINCENT EVANS, secretary of the Hon. Cymmrodorion Society, has been granted the use of the Fishmonger's Hall, London Bridge, wherein the annual conver- sazione of the society, will be held at the end of June, Lord Tredegar, it is hoped, will be unable to be present to receive the members and guests as on previous occasions. MR. ELLIS W. DAVIES, M.P., and Mr. W. Brace, M.P. delivered effective speeches in the House, on Monday, during the Budget debate. They both welcomed the foundation of an Old Age Pension, and gave interest- ing suggestions as to how to relieve the over-burdened middle class tax payer. THE Chancellor of the Exchequer had an opportunity, on Monday last, to prove his worthiness for his new post. He was able to deal in an effective manner with all the criticism of the opposition and the manner in which he turned the tables on Mr. Austen Chamberlain greatly pleased the House. The new Criminal Appeal Court has already proved itself a blessing as well as an absurdity. Through a technical error in legal direction, a criminal was able to secure his discharge last Monday after being sentenced to ten years' penal servitude for so cruelly ill-treating his child as to cause his death. The Judge said the case ought to be re-tried, but the new Court has no power to direct that. THE Labour element in" South Wales is becoming an important factor in all Munici- pal as well as in Parliamentary elections. Several new branches of the I.L.P. have been recently inaugurated, and as theie is a tendency to form them on Welsh National lines, they promise to become powerful opponents of the present languishing Liberal societies. Once the Labour move- ment is properly organised in South Wales the Liberal M.P.'s will have short notice to quit. WHO will be the member for Swansea in the next Parliament ? Sir George Newnes has not definitely stated that he is resigning but he ought to do so No constituency in Wales has a poorer representative, and it is a pity to continue the infliction of such a member upon the intelligent people of Swansea. MR. JOHN HINDS, who, as President of the Union of Welsh Literary Societies of London, entertained 600 guests at the Holborn Res- taurant last Saturday, is a Carmarthenshire man. He is a successful merchant in Black- heath, and a well-known figure on the London Drapers' Chamber of Trade. His brother, Gwilym, is an assistant manager of the firm of D. H. Evans & Co., while a third brother, Tom, is a manager of the Scotts Emulsion Company. Their mother, Mrs. Hinds, still lives in a mansion near Carmarthen.